New Courses Description – COMM 212, COMM 302, COMM 342

COMM-212 Editing and Compositing In Digital Media

The objective of the course is to develop further skills in editing acquired from basic level production courses.
It includes: applying concepts and techniques of video and film production, shot composition and editing workshops. The students are also introduced to the making of a commercial, a Public Service Announcement, documentaries, music videos, trailers and short films. The students will be learning how to transform their ideas into audiovisual messages effectively will also as well as have the chance to use AVID, Premiere and introduced to After Effects through this course. Continue reading

COMM 192 The Theory and Practice of Cinema is now COMM211 The Theory and Practice of Digital Filmmaking

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The course explores the development of stylistic and production practices specific to the so-called “DV Realism” trend and its impact on commercial cinema as well as digital storytelling. The course also discusses the work of film directors such as Abbas Kiarostami, Lars Von Trier, David Lynch and cult and popular films such as the Zombie film REC! The students taking this course will also have the opportunity to participate in the Student Jury of Cyprus Film Days international film festival and meet people from the local and international film industry. The students will have to submit a short film as a final project and will be assigned creative practical exercises and creative written exercises throughout the semester. Continue reading


Mediazone & the University of Nicosia encourage all of our students, staff and faculty to participate. With so many talented individuals under one roof, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Please share and send to anyone who may be interested, and represent UNic for Famelab 2014!!! Continue reading