Information Gathering and Use of Information

You can browse our web-site without revealing any personally identifiable information. We do, however, track the IP addresses, domain names and browsing patterns (on our site) of the users of our website for purposes such as helping us administer our web-site, tracking problems and better tailoring our web-site to the needs of our users. We use a first-party cookie to help us in this effort. We (and our cookies) do not track your browsing history outside of our website, with the exception of recording the site that referred you to our website. If you choose to remove or not accept our cookie, you can continue to use our website without any adverse effect.

If you e-mail us with a question or complete an online request for information, we will store any information that you share with us for purposes of resolving your question and analysing user questions in general. We will not share your information with third-parties or rent or sell your information.


We have taken appropriate security measures to protect the data we have gathered from loss, use, alteration or misappropriation.

Third-Party Sites

Our web-site contains links to third-party sites, including our affiliated partner institutions. These websites may have different privacy policies than University of Nicosia online.

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