Do not try to fix any equipment under any circumstances.
Remember: Treat every piece of equipment as if it was your own. Use it, not abuse it!
Under any circumstances:
No eating, drinking or smoking or use of mobile phones – Be quiet.
This is a professional working production environment – Please respect the others.

This website reserves the rights concerning changes

All information, representations, links, rules and regulations or other messages may be changed by Mediazone at any time without prior notice or explanation to the user. Please read carefully.


Respect the Equipment

Never use force when operating the equipment. For any malfunctions, please report it to the Technician or Studio Assistant on duty immediately. If you are outside of the University please call: 22 841 754/594/591 – Ask for guidance – Do not try to fix it yourself! Attempts at fixing any equipment may result in equipment damage, which will make you directly liable.



It is unacceptable for a member of this institution or student to engage in misconduct or in a reprehensible or serious nature, which includes verbal or physical abuse in any manner. Disruptions to classes, or the general student experience, or the Mediazone environment in general will not be tolerated in any way. This behavior can lead to the termination of Mediazone use privileges.

Mediazone upholds the description of ethical behavior as outlined in all of the relevant University of Nicosia Handbook (s) & approved literature, Institutional Values & Code of Practices, and other.



Without a reservation we cannot guarantee that equipment will be available. Even if you are not reserving equipment before your arrival to Mediazone, an online reservation will be required if equipment is available for online tracking purposes.

All equipment and peripherals reservations are online. The facilities are available online in the Reservation system under Facilities and can be reserved for student use. This applies to the following facilities: Television Production Studio, Audio Production Studio and Radio Studio. There is no need to reserve the Digital Lab. Availability of Digital Lab, based on semester’s courses. NO reservations can be made over the phone. Time allocated for each project is limited but enough to enable you to finish on time. Make sure you use your time effectively. Mediazone cannot extend your reservation time in case you are late and certainly cannot allocate new time for you in case you do not show up. Time allocated for your class per week is determined with the cooperation of the instructor & not solely by Mediazone. Our current online system cannot accommodate any exceptions. Do not ask for more time.



Students will not be allowed to borrow/lend or checkout any equipment during extended periods/days of any official public holidays or University of Nicosia campus closures. The online notice for last day for equipment check in prior to University closures will be upheld, without exception.

Examples are Christmas break and Spring Easter break periods. This applies inclusively and not exclusively as Mediazone reserves the right to make changes in accordance to calendar year public holidays, and as per any University closures.

There are unforeseen circumstances when Mediazone will close outside of public holidays. Notice will be placed on our website and with your instructor.


Rotation Policy

You reserve equipment / facilities on a rotational basis to complete your project, i.e. you check out the equipment that has been returned by another student. Therefore, it is important to return the equipment on time. We have limited resources. Don’t keep unused equipment sitting at home. It prevents others from using it and increases the chances of theft or damage, which you are directly liable for.


Checking Out/Returning Equipment

All equipment is on an up to five (5) day maximum lending system per calendar week one day is defined by Mediazone from 10am until 8:45pm. Equipment can be reserved one – two – three – four or five days.

All students will be borrowing equipment based on the above. All pickup times start at 10am. The return of equipment can be anytime during Mediazone working hours – ending at 8:45pm. Please return equipment the soonest you are finished with it, as our resources are limited and there is a student who will be wanting to reserve. Be considerate.

Students are not allowed under any circumstances to take any Mediazone equipment outside of the Republic of Cyprus and transport it for any reason to any other country. Doing so constitutes a penalty and will affect the student / borrowers record. Mediazone reserves the right to limit or deny the use of equipment depending on their borrowing history.


Tv Studio Procedures


During class, all equipment requested that is taken outside of the studio by students for course work will follow the complete check out and check in process to ensure that all parts / inventory of the equipment is accounted for. This constitutes a check out. See inspection, damage and lost & stolen sections.


After class, all course studio setup requests – (after work or class is completed), will require time by students, to please ensure that:

  • Camera / equipment is stored in carry bags
  • Tripods collapsed
  • Equipment is as it was found at start of the class.

Equipment is required to be returned to the check out / check in desk. Please leave time at the end of class in order to ensure the space has been cleared of equipment.


Photography Studio Procedures


All equipment, computers and projectors should be powered off after each class is completed.


Lights / Other portable equipment

All lights/stands/other used in the dark room should be in good working condition as they undergo periodic testing. If you notice anything, (frayed cable, expired bulb etc) please contact a Studio Assistant or the Technician in the Production Floor area. Use the contact form on the Mediazone website as fault reporting to ensure an email has been sent. Do not try and fix it yourself, report it immediately.

All lights/stands should be plugged into the electricity mains directly. Avoid using extension cables. Use only extension cables provided in the space if required. Please ensure that all cables are neatly arranged and not in traffic areas while working.

After work or class is completed, please ensure that all lights have cooled before attempting to put them away.  After work or class is completed all lights should:

  • Have their barn doors closed.
  • Have their cables wrapped and secured with the velcro strip.
  • The light removed from the stand.
  • Be placed inside the designated storage space.

Please leave time at the end of class in order to ensure the space has been cleared of equipment.


Bringing objects into the Photography Studio

All objects brought into the facility for photography purposes should be placed in the plastic bin provided. This bin will be emptied every semester (or if it becomes full) and anything in it will be discarded. All items outside this bin will be discarded daily when the facility is cleaned.

All large items brought into the space will be discarded every two weeks, unless we have written notice that the item will be removed by a specific deadline, (ie. When work is completed).

The University/Administration does not assume any responsibility for items brought into the space, especially items of value which are strictly the responsibility of the owners.

Overall tidying of the space should be done after every class, and Mediazone Studio Assistants may assist and ensure that the space is left as it was found ready for the next class.


Copyright and Credits

If your work includes photographs, film clips or music, you must comply with copyright laws. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure that they have all of the relevant rights / documentation pertaining to all aspects of the media course work being created.

Mediazone University of Nicosia provides documents which can be used for production purposes.

Please note that all video production course work must have the University of Nicosia Logo for Student Work at the very end of all credits – as the last item that appears on screen.


Liability Overview

Liability for equipment / facilities being used includes the following:
All associated equipment / facilities in your possession and in use during that time where damages or loss has occurred.
• When you have checked out equipment using the reservation system.
• When using equipment / facilities during scheduled classes, regardless if it has been formally reserved by you using the reservation system.

In these cases the equipment / facilities is considered to be your responsibility, and the University shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or accidental damages arising out of your use (and misuse), or negligence.

You are solely liable for any costs associated with damages of equipment/ facilities in these cases when it is used by you and under your care.


Penalties Overview


You will not be permitted to check out equipment again until you settle all amounts, for damaged, lost or stolen equipment you are deemed liable for after the 30 day deadline.

Please present receipt of payment to Mediazone for reinstatement of privileges. Mediazone will require 24 hours to add you back to the system, with the ability for check out.

In the case of facilities when your time has finished, you need to leave so the student who has reserved after you can use it. Failure to follow the regulations will create problems for other students. To eliminate such a possibility and to discourage no shows for equipment, use of facilities, address damages, lost or stolen items, Mediazone imposes the following penalty fees.



Any cancellations cannot be made less than 8 hours before the actual reservation. This can be done through the online Reservation system under the Dashboard area. Please plan accordingly. 15 minutes plus or minus is not grounds for a penalty as long as you contact Mediazone by phone. To avoid being charged a penalty fee you need to contact Mediazone, either in person or by phone, to inform them about the need to cancel your reservation. Confirmation of reasons in written form may be requested. It is under Mediazone discretion to allow cancellation and allocate a new time after examining the circumstances.

If you fail to inform Mediazone beforehand of a no show, your student account will be directly debited as follows:

  • €75/day if you fail to return equipment on time. This is amount is added daily. You will continue to be charged until the equipment is returned. Failure to return equipment after 10 calendar days will result in the equipment to be upgraded to a lost status, resulting in the necessity for payment of equipment replacement. See below Lost or Stolen sections.
  • €25 if you reserve equipment and do not show up to check it out.
  • €25 if you reserve facilities and you do not show up.



All equipment is checked by the Studio Assistant on duty as it is checked out, as well as when it is checked in. This is a shared responsibility, as you the student / borrower must also inspect the equipment and confirm its condition before receiving it – to ensure that your equipment is not damaged.

Mediazone staff will review the equipment with the student / borrower.

The student / borrower is expected to thoroughly check all equipment upon issuance because you are agreeing to take responsibility for any damage to equipment while in your possession. If you find any problems during this check, you must inform Mediazone within thirty (30) minutes of checking out the equipment. It is in your best interest to check equipment immediately upon issuance. You will not be held responsible for equipment problems reported within thirty (30) minutes of being checked out, unless equipment is in noticeably different condition than when checked out.

Under no circumstances should equipment in the borrower’s possession be loaned to any other person. All equipment transfers must be handled through Mediazone, even when passing equipment on to Faculty for student in class use.

Mediazone personnel reserve the right to limit or deny the use of equipment depending on a person’s borrowing history. If students are unsure of the equipment that they will be taking responsibility for, they need to voice any concerns.

If the equipment you checked out is faulty or malfunctioning, return or report it immediately to 22 841 754/594/591 – leave a message during out of hours, or use the contact us on our web page.


Damaged equipment

Students / borrowers are fully liable for all equipment lent out and will face maximum liability fees in cases of damaged equipment. Equipment is accepted only in the same condition as it was given out.

If equipment is found to be damaged or the condition of the equipment is not suitable for re-use in any way, the student / borrower assumes full financial liability to either repair damaged equipment or replace the equipment to its original condition.

(This is at the complete discretion of the Mediazone Broadcast Engineer and IT Technician, upon inspection).

All financial fees connected to damaged equipment is added directly to the student account. The student / borrower will be informed of the costs via a copy of the Damage / Lost Report that requires their signature, prior to the fees being processed by the Finance Department. Repairs will not exceed the cost of the equipment replacement. You will be able to obtain copies of the Report and repairs invoice. Having accepted the liability charges, the student / borrower agrees to pay the total amount within 30 days, from which it appears in their student account.

Some examples of liability risk:

  • Left unattended in an unlocked location.
  • Left unattended in plain view (locked or unlocked).
  • Exposed to the risk of liquids or substances.
  • Left in direct sunlight.
  • Handled without due care.
  • Lent to another person.
  • Altered in physical appearance. E.g. by tape, stickers or writing.
  • Accidental or other involving equipment.


Lost Or Stolen Equipment

While checked out, if the equipment is lost, stolen or irretrievable, under any circumstances, the student / borrower assumes full financial responsibility to cover the replacement cost of the equipment. In some cases police reports may be requested from the student / borrower.

Replacement value will be based on the current market value. All financial fees connected to lost or stolen equipment are added directly to the student account. The student will be informed of the costs via a copy of the Damage / Lost report that requires their signature, prior to the fees being processed by the Finance Department.

Having accepted the liability charges, the student / borrower agrees to pay the total amount within 30 days, from which it appears in their student account.

You will be able to obtain copies of the Damage / Lost / Theft Report and invoice by request.



Remember, it is your responsibility to exercise the utmost care with the equipment, your crew, and yourself. Do not put any equipment or people in an “at-risk” situation. Use common sense and be prepared at all times.

You are responsible for all equipment you use. Most of the equipment is sensitive and fragile, so please be careful. Be fully aware of where and how you are using this equipment. Each student is responsible for knowing how to safely and properly use the equipment they check out.

Mediazone is prepared to support and answer your questions, direct you to where you can access in depth help. We can listen to your ideas, recommend equipment, and give tips! Do not be afraid to ask! There is no such thing as a silly question.

Any student who needs additional instruction on the use of equipment, assignment specific details, or has failed to attend classes must refer to their instructor.

Safety tips:

  • Never allow external or untrained individuals to handle your equipment.
  • Two or more persons are to be used to carry a load when its size and weight demand it.
  • Be aware of your surroundings while carrying or setting up equipment.
  • Always tape down cables so they are out of the way and secure.
  • Have a First Aid kit on hand while shooting.
  • Have a plan to respond to emergencies, and know the location of the nearest emergency room or other urgent care provider.
  • Keep emergency contact information for your crew and Mediazone.
  • Ensure sure that attire and close-toed shoes are adequate for safety.
  • Always use gloves when working with lights.


In the case of all powered equipment that is for lending purposes, please note: All powered equipment are tested in our testing area visually to ensure their functionality and safety. We are also using the PAT test – (Portable Appliance Testing) certification label.


Mediazone also conducts spot tests on this equipment periodically. When such equipment is being taken by students outside our premises, it immediately becomes their responsibility to ensure that all plugs and cables are plugged in correctly, faulty extensions or plugs are never used, and lights are not handled when hot. Only operate the equipment in dry surroundings. Do not operate or plug in any electrical equipment while you are on a wet surface. Keep the equipment dry. Do not operate the cameras in the rain.

All occurrences in electrical faults or otherwise outside the University is not the fault of Mediazone or the University.



Take care of your equipment, take care of your crew, take care of yourself, and get creative!