Crowd notice/release

What is a crowd release notice?

This is a notice posted at a venue – on location that (should) work to put the individuals in the area on notice of the following:

  • They may be photographed or otherwise recorded
  • Images with them in it may be used in specific manners
  • Release of claims for compensation by the individual.

Crowd notice/release

  1. Print
  2. Place in a visible area – depending on the space, area, size, exits, entrances – you will need more than one.
  3. Photograph the posting of the release notice, ensuring that the location and posting is visible, (like on a electricity pole). Ensure the photo is timestamped.

EU (Cyprus) Copyright law          

Applicable national legal framework for Cyprus copyright.

EU copyright FAQ

General Copyright FAQ

Creative Commons

Creative Commons, and how to use it, official website.

EU Article 13 FAQ

Article 13 of the European Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is all about how authors, composers and rights holders get paid. It has come under attack by some of the giants that dominate the Internet, chief among them YouTube, Google’s sister company in the Alphabet group.



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