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Mediazone ensures a future-proof learning experience for over 350 students per semester. Offering constant support and guidance, the department is well-equipped to cater to students’ needs throughout their academic journey. It fosters a collaborative environment, emphasizing idea exchange and creativity, and remains open 60 hours a week to accommodate the unique academic requirements of its students. By providing access to cutting-edge facilities and expert staff, this exceptional resource center empowers students to successfully complete their studies and pursue rewarding careers in both communications and multimedia. The University of Nicosia gives students the opportunity to study practical training balanced with comprehensive academic studies. All happening within facilities that stay in touch with what exists in the industry in Cyprus, in Europe & around the world. Are you a student interested in volunteering or working in Mediazone? Contact us

Our University

Mediazone University of Nicosia is a Media support center and is located at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, main campus. It is the audio-visual hub of the university, a producer of media, also tasked with the care and maintenance of the state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and facilities.
Mediazone is an integral part of the University of Nicosia, offering comprehensive support for staff, students, and various academic programs. Mediazone assumes the responsibility and support for all of the facilities and equipment utilized by the Communications and Design and Multimedia Departments; including their respective academic practical courses for the University of Nicosia.
With the dedication of experienced professionals and Studio Assistants participation, students on scholarship, Mediazone has evolved into the go-to resource center for practical course needs; assisting with course needs from students and faculty, producing events and other media-related marketing activities, encouraging commitment and empowerment to students to excel in their chosen fields.


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