General FAQ

Do I have to read and agree to the rules and regulations?

Yes. Before you begin using Mediazone, as a registered student you will have to agree to the Mediazone rules & regulations. There is a lot of important information, and you can refer to them at all times.

Mediazone rules & regulations

What happens to the video material I recorded?

All recorded video should be transferred/copied to your own personal external disk. All students are responsible for their own material/projects. All students must use their own external hard drive (preferably one that uses external power).

What happens if I save my work on the C: Drive - or Desktop of any of the Mediazone computers?

When the computer is shutdown, or restarts everything on the C:\ drive – or Desktop is erased. Unfortunately, there is no way of recovering these files. Always make sure you are saving to your own personal external drive. You are ultimately responsible for your material.

Can I borrow a headset from Mediazone?

For health & safety reasons we do not provide headsets, so we encourage all students to use their own headsets.

Can I borrow alkaline batteries from Mediazone?

We do not provide alkaline batteries (AAA/AA) for the equipment. Please have your own alkaline batteries with you.


Where can I find the Mediazone UNIC │ Safety Protocols?

The protocols have been created by the University of Nicosia in order to provide information and instructions on the measures that will be applied to the use of Mediazone in regards to practical courses with a view to safeguarding the safety, health and well-being of both students and employees as well as third-party visitors and site users, aiming to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

If I can't pick up or return my equipment can I send someone else to do so?

No. You are responsible for picking up and bringing back any equipment booked under your student ID number. Equipment must be thoroughly checked by the user, in this case only you the registered student are capable and authorized to do this – in both the check out and check in process. No one else, without exception.

Can I take any Mediazone equipment outside of the Republic of Cyprus?

Students are not allowed under any circumstances to take any Mediazone equipment outside of the Republic of Cyprus and transport it for any reason to any other area or country. Doing so constitutes a penalty and will affect the student / borrowers record. Mediazone reserves the right to limit or deny the use of equipment depending on their borrowing history.

Where is Mediazone located?

Mediazone is located in the Main University campus building, -1 floor, with entrances from the left of the outside amphitheater and from below Coffeeology. Once inside, the long white colored hallway is located to your left from Cinestudio.

Who is available when I have questions or problems?

Mediazone has a contact us function on the website; this email goes out to all staff, and we ensure you get a reply.

Apart from the Studio assistant on duty, Mediazone has a Broadcast Engineer and IT Technician, a Technical Facilities Support Coordinator, and an Administrative assistant who are ready to help. Find all of the relevant contact numbers, and email form on the website, or drop by to speak to us.

Reservations FAQ

I forgot my ID, Can I use Mediazone?

You should have your Student ID available for everything you do in Mediazone. It is very important to show your Student ID every time – as part of the Mediazone Rules and Regulations. If you do happen to forget your Student ID – the Studio Assistant will accept an official Government issued photo ID as an alternative. No ID means no service.

Do I need to reserve the Television Production Studio, Radio Studio and / or Audio Production Studio?

Yes, the above mentioned facilities are available for reservations online. Come in and get familiar with the equipment before you need to use them. Ask your Studio Assistant to show you what is available.

Can I borrow equipment, even though I am not studying Communications or Design & Multimedia?

No. Equipment and facility use is dependent on being a registered student in a Communications department or Design & Multimedia practical course – for the current semester. It also depends on what the instructor has requested for her or his class, as in some classes students get to use equipment during the class only.

How many hours am I allowed to reserve equipment?

All equipment is on a five (5) day maximum lending system per calendar week one day is defined by Mediazone from 10am until 8:45pm. Equipment can be reserved one – two – three – four or five days.

All students will be borrowing equipment based on the above.

Can I cancel a reservation over the phone?

No you cannot. Cancellations are made by you the student via the Reservation system. You have up to 8 hours prior to your reservation to make a cancellation. For further information see rules & regulations.

Can a Mediazone Studio Assistant reserve or cancel a reservation for me?

No they cannot. Reservations or cancellations cannot be made by a Studio Assistant or from any of the Mediazone computers.

Are reservations mandatory?

Reserving is not mandatory as we can accommodate individuals on a first come first serve basis. Without a reservation we cannot guarantee that equipment will be available. Even if you are not reserving equipment before your arrival to Mediazone, an online reservation will be required if equipment is available for online tracking purposes.

How can I reserve Facilities?

The facilities are available online in the Reservation system under Facilities and can be reserved for student use. This applies to the following facilities: Television Production Studio, Audio Production Studio and Radio Studio. There is no need to reserve the Digital Lab. Availability of Digital Lab, based on semester’s courses. NO reservations can be made over the phone. Time allocated for each project is limited but enough to enable you to finish on time. Make sure you use your time effectively.

Are there equipment available for use, that I don’t need a reservation for?

All equipment and peripherals reservations are online.

Can I borrow/lend or checkout any equipment during extended periods/days of any official public holidays or University of Nicosia campus closures?

Students will not be allowed to borrow/lend or checkout any equipment during extended periods/days of any official public holidays or University of Nicosia campus closures. The online notice for last day for equipment check in prior to University closures will be upheld, without exception.

Examples are Christmas break and Spring Easter break periods. This applies inclusively and not exclusively as Mediazone reserves the right to make changes in accordance to calendar year public holidays, and as per any University closures.

There are unforeseen circumstances when Mediazone will close outside of public holidays. Notice will be placed on our website and with your instructor.

Can I extend my reservation time?

Mediazone cannot extend your reservation time in case you are late and certainly cannot allocate new time for you in case you do not show up. Time allocated for your class per week is determined with the cooperation of the instructor & not solely by Mediazone. Our current online system cannot accommodate any exceptions. Do not ask for more time.

Access to Mediazone

My course is in the Communications and/or Design and Multimedia Departments, but I have no access to equipment that I may want to use for a project. What do I do?

Speak to your instructor and have them contact us via email to see if we can assist, and grant you the specific type of access you need. They need to approve such as request first.

What equipment is available for the course I am taking?

Your instructor should be able to outline this for you, but you can always refer to your dashboard upon logging into the reservation area to see available equipment for courses you are taking. Your Studio Assistant will also be able to show you anytime you like what is available in the way of equipment and facilities. Just ask!

Penalties and Cancelation

What are the types of penalties?

• Loss / Stolen
• Damage
• Late
• No show

What are penalties?

Penalties exist to help regulate our limited resources. Penalties are incurred when you violate Mediazone rules and regulations. Examples include: Loss, or damage, reserving facilities and not showing up and bringing in equipment later than you were supposed to. Please make sure your read all of the rules.