Words can’t explain my overall experience at MediaZone. It has had its up and downs.  When first arriving to MediaZone I was happy, until I heard we will have very intensive training for one whole week. At that moment, I felt the pressure was on. I was a little intimidated because I didn’t know a lot of camera terminology. The only thought that was running through my mind was they are going to think American students are uneducated.  In reality MediaZone was my first practical course outside of group projects.

As time passed, I began to gain more confidence about learning and being comfortable with using a camera. Do I feel like I know everything there is about a camera? No, but I feel confident that I know enough that will help me to be ahead in my classes back in the United States. Continue reading


It was Tuesday and my first day at the University of Nicosia. My first lesson was “Introduction to Communication Studies”. When we started analysing the first chapter, the lecturer started with this sentence: “A human is born to communicate, we don’t have other choice because nobody can’t afford the loneliness”.

So from this simple opinion, I started thinking “What about racism?”. Automatically I remembered a subject that we did when I was a student in high school about the Second World War. The main point that we easily understood from this remarkable chapter of world history, is that hatred generated by the German 3rd Reich was rooted in the inability to accept differences, like colour, religion, origin, people with handicaps etc. The end of this horrible situation was the deliberate death of 6 million people. Continue reading