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COMM -117 VIDEO PRODUCTION – Love this course

The video production course is part of the “Radio and Tv” section from the “Communications” studies and it’s a practical course. In this course you will have to learn clearly 2 things: the PD170 camera and Avid, a computer programme to edit video. I believe that for students who are interested in video, cameras, those that want to be a director, camera person, editor, it is a great choice to add this course to their path. We have the first contact with the equipment and how they are working. I helped myself with this course and generally it is very interesting because we have to do video productions in groups. Usually the lecturer makes groups (4 students) so everyone has a responsibility like camera person, director A, director B and model.

As a result, in my opinion another one benefit from this course is the opportunity to work in groups and have as a small experience how the professionals work! Do not miss this course, it’s interesting and at the University of Nicosia, & the level is high!! Continue reading

Vines? What’s up with them?

If you have a Facebook account, or a Twitter, or  if you have just logged into any social network site in the last five months I’m quite sure that you’ve seen one of those Vines videos.

If you haven’t,  just log again into your social network account and I guarantee you that in your news feed there will be more than one vine for you.

Vines are humoristic short videos (mostly 3 to 7 seconds) that anyone can post on the internet, and may be the laugh of the day for many viewers. Vine is a mobile app owned by Twitter. It can be downloaded to all Android and iOS platforms. In order to create a vine you had to open the application and shoot a vine from your camera. Now vines evolved and they may come from more detailed cameras, and may also be edited.  Vines became popular so quickly that now it’s an everyday hobby for the creators because of their everyday viewers. Also, vines had their television time by Dunkin Donuts who was the first company to use a single Vine as an entire advertisement. Continue reading

The blurry viewfinder – hey what’s going on?


Why is that I see a blurred image when I look through the Sony Pd-170 camera?

The Sony pd-170 gives you a choice for viewing. It is either the LCD or the viewfinder. Each of these serves somewhat different purposes. The viewfinder is the “professional” way of looking at the world through a camera. There are many questions from students surrounding the viewfinder, and how blurry it is, no matter what they try. Continue reading

Sport Cams

If you are one of those people who want to record action moments in your life, skating, track, trails, mountains, sky, speed or even under water HD quality, then this is what you need. A Sports Camera.

Sports cams are small cameras, which are mainly used for point of view (POV), in active lifestyles such as recording of riding bicycles, motorbikes or any other similar activities. Technology growth has helped to achieve great changes in this camera. There are different brands and also different kinds of sports cameras which are designed for different activities. One of the main companies is “Gopro” and the second is “Kodak”. Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading

Great opportunity! CCMC’s Video Boot Camp: A six-week crash course in Lighting, Camera & Editing

CCMC’s Video Boot Camp:

A six-week crash course in Lighting, Camera & Editing


Every Wednesday evening from 6-9pm between 24 October and 28 November 2012. At the Cyprus Community Media Centre, Nicosia

The Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) is providing a valuable opportunity for civil society to learn the basics in video production and editing with this six-week course (leaflet here). In cooperation with trainers from Ze’dem Media, the course will equip you with a solid foundation in the process of making documentary-style videos and the technical aspects of camera operation, sound, lighting and editing.

Entry is FREE but registration is essential. Click here to register now as places are limited!

Simple tips on how to steady your camera… without a Steadicam!

Nowadays the differences between amateur and professional camera work can seem a bit “blurry”, pardon the pun! As audiences members we seem to be more accepting of many of the errors that years ago would be considered totally amateur. Yet there is one factor, that of the “steady shot” that makes the difference between say –  “Marcos making a home movie of his kids” and something more specific watchable and professional. It is one of the golden rules of shooting for the big screen. Keep it steady, or else, everybody gets seasick! So this applies to any anyone – shooting video at any time! Whether you are moving or trying to be still…keep reading! Continue reading

Hands On Experience with practical courses of the Communications Department!!

Digital Editing and Production Techniques in English at last!!! Get the experience that you need to work in the industry!

Become at last a magician through the Digital Editing Course Comm. 347, learn tricks on editing and amaze your viewers, create emotions, surprise them, get them hooked to your show. Let’s work on the techniques to achieve these, through the Digital Editing Course. Edit on AVID Media Composer like any other professional, use the software that 90% of the worlds feature films and TV shows are edited with. If you like computers, movies, effects, sound design, you will definitely love this course. Continue reading