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Mediazone keeps a comprehensive list of equipment for student lending purposes. All of the equipment listed below is available for lending depending on the practical course(s) you are taking at the time. Please consult your instructor. Browse the inventory and talk to your lab assistant if there is something you might need that you don’t see here. Student Reservations


Leica V-Lux Typ-114

Fast throughout the entire zoom range

Thanks to its enormous zoom range of 25 to 400 mm, time-consuming lens changes and heavy extra equipment are now a thing of the past. Apertures of f/2.8 (wide angle) and f/4 (telephoto).



f/2.0 – f/2.8 wide-angle lens, 2.5x zoom

The compact nature of the D-Lux 4 means it can be with you all the time. But despite its compact size, it offers top Leica quality and gives the photographer plenty of artistic freedom. The D-Lux 4 is ideal, whether for subjects composed with lots of forethought or for spontaneous reportage.


Photo Tripod Systems

Quality photo camera tripods

  • Manfrotto 141RCNAT

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