We are the centre point for all practical courses offered in the Communications Department, and also offer services to the Design & Multimedia Department. As technical experts in the field of media Mediazone offers constant support guidance in the field of media & media technology; walk in questions about equipment borrowed, about personal technical endeavors students or staff may be undertaking, as well as anything else they may require in the field of media.

Over 200 students taking over a dozen practical courses every semester utilize Mediazone facilities & equipment; with almost 400 students each year Mediazone is open 60 hours a week to facilitate all student and instructor needs. We organize and implement a scheduled system to employee our Lab Assistants and provide resources to our students in the best possible way. Using Mediazone’s custom online website booking features, students can now browse and book production equipment and facilities for course work from the comfort of their own homes.

We are the pickup and drop off point for all Audio/Visual equipment borrowed, checking it in & out, maintaining, and properly storing all equipment. Students can find all of the key information and support material required for all of their practical course needs on one website. Our tutorials include videos we create, as well as tutorials targeted for our equipment from around the web.