The Journey, Hristiyan Stratev

It’s been quite a while since the last time I wrote something for the blog here at Mediazone. Many things happened after I finished my education and work at the University of Nicosia and Mediazone, and I would like to share my experiences so far with you.

Right after I got my degree in Applied Multimedia I decided to go back to my home country – Bulgaria (even though Cyprus is my second home, because of my family roots).

The first reason was that I wanted to try and grow as a professional there, the second, to do my Master’s degree at the University of Sheffield, which was possible to be done in Bulgaria because the institution has a branch there. The degree that I chose was in Technology Management, which in other words is the managerial aspect of my Bachelor’s degree. Continue reading

Christmas! What does it really mean to us?

Due to the imminent Christmas break I have decided to write an article about Christmas celebrations but using a different approach this time.

What is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about Christmas? Let me answer to that. Clothes, shoes, x-box, i-phones, playstation, discounts and generally stuff that someone should spent a lot in order to have them, which of course are considered as luxuries.

Is that what is Christmas all about??? Buying staff we don’t need in order to impress???

I’m afraid consumerism changed our reality and made us act like someone else that we are not. Continue reading

Hugo Olivos – Mediazone Tv – Lab Assistant 2009 – 2011

Hugo Olivos was one of our Mediazone Lab Assistants who finished his Masters in Communications here at the University of Nicosia. 2010 – 2012. Hugo is a Unic Alumnus with music on his mind! Although he originates from Mexico his heart is here in Cyprus. His wife, band and the children that he teaches music to part time are all integral parts of his life. No matter where he is he breathes and lives drumming and metal music. Apart from his drummer “secret identity”, Hugo is just the nicest guy. He displayed “customer service” skills, and an easy going personality, was adept at everything and had that winning smile!

We wish you luck & fame! Our door is always open! And we will follow your music career. We are here for whatever you may need, even if it’s just someone to “Rock out” with you! Continue reading

Michalis Michael – Unic & Mediazone Tv & Audio – Lab Assistant 2009 – 2011

Michalis Michael was a Lab Assistant who started in 2009. He remained with us until the end of his studies. Michalis is a great example of an Alumnus who has a great spirit, and his heart was always in the right place. He truly has a “knack” for communicating, and was always willing to learn and help. Mediazone was proud to assist in giving Michalis the edge by providing him with a “glowing” letter of recommendation and to act as the reference for his current employment at Breda University. Michalis never fails to visit us every time he is in town. We always say that the relationships we build with our students are for life, and coming back to Unic, Mediazone is like coming home.   Continuing luck to Michalis! Door is always open… Continue reading