“The Power of an Educated Girl”

Can you count how many times you’ve heard from people that education for women is just a formality? I remember my friend saying that education for her is just a tick in a to do list. I could not believe that a girl who lived in a well-developed country with thousands of opportunities around her could say something like that. As for me, education was always one of the most important things in my life, and I could not imagine that there are some people without any education at all.
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There’s a bit of a hype going on in the internet world about humanoid sex robots. See this article from the Telegraph and their potential role in society. I believe such projects aim to distract audiences from the real essence of technology and science. Furthermore, the example of the artist Neil Harbison, who was born completely color blind and has been using a device attached to his head that turns color into audible frequencies is a positive application. However, I think he misuses the word Cyborg, which originated in the 60s. Replacing a body part or organ does not make you a Cyborg or a machine-like creature, such misused words and concepts are evidently creating Technophobia for the majority of us.
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Mediazone – The year just raced by…

All of our students, volunteers here at Mediazone work extremely hard to bring to life the important moments at the University of Nicosia. Many times the pace is frenetic, and the work seems non stop, yet lots of work makes time fly. Just before Graduation season, and the lull of the summer heat Mediazone as a team kicks back; this time on the track!