Connect Allen & Heath XB-14 with CANFORD illuminated sign ES base fitting

Find below instructions on how to connect the Allen & Heath XB-14 radio mixer with CANFORD illuminated sign ES base fitting (type B, 230 volt). This connection will light the ON AIR light whenever a MIX fader is ON and fade UP.

Make sure the installation is made by an electrician.
Follow the steps below at your own risk as Mediazone, University of Nicosia takes no responsibility as to the choices you make that may have any negative impact in any way.

The base of Canford Type B units has a PCB that includes a semi-conductor called a triac – that acts like a mechanical relay – and this triac performs the final mains switching to the fitted lamps within the same Canford Type B unit. Continue reading

Connect Allen & Heath XB-14 Radio Mixer to SAM Broadcaster PRO

In this tutorial we will explain to you how to connect a radio mixing desk to SAM Broadcaster PRO .

In our Radio Lab we are using Allen&Heath XB-14 radio mixing desk  and SAM Broadcaster PRO (v4.9.8). However the same principals apply to all USB/FireWire (IEEE 1394) audio/radio mixing desks and to most versions of SAM broadcaster.

Before I start you can have a look at the Allen&Heath XB-14 Quick Operation Manual which we prepared for our students. It will give you a quick guide on how to operate the radio mixing desk. Continue reading