Cyprus Android Apps

Cy appsIf you are an  Android user  and you are looking for apps to make your life easier, the best place to search for the apps is in Google’s Play Store.Most of the applications in Play Store are available in Cyprus, but as a Cypriot I support Cyprus applications.If you search in Play Store “Cyprus” or “Cyprus apps” it will show you all the Cyprus Android applications that have been created. Continue reading

Control everything in a Hotel by a smart mobile phone

hotelThis is where new-tech is going. It is amazing, because we might have never imagined 5 or 10 years ago that when we go to a hotel, instead of receiving a key card, we will receive a smart phone.

Now this is possible with new technology. The so called high-tech hotels are using this system to provide an advanced and perhaps more  secured services to their customers. I wondered how it worked, so I searched little about it. Continue reading

My Tv wants to be smart! Help your Tv grow up and be smart!

Part 1 of 2

Quite recently the term Smart TV has been coined to mean a variety of things. Although Samsung may be using the phrase, it has moved beyond its products and first & foremost, it definitely means connectivity. It means that you can you can surf the internet using a prebuilt application or even speak to your TV and it will perform certain command functions. You can watch TV through the internet through Netflix or Hulu and sometimes do much more. Many operating systems are used in this endeavor to expand the entertainment experience. Custom OS software like the Sony Bravia line or the Samsung lines are used, but also Linux based OS systems as well as Android. Continue reading