We all realize that we live in a decade that is mostly influenced by the power that the mass media possess. Nowadays, this is the most usual thing, but is it real? Of course it is. As years go by, people recognize the brain washing that they get by the media, and it’s more difficult for the media to keep brain washing.

So, if it is true, how do media still manage to exist? Have they stopped telling lies and started to focus on the truth? No, that’s not true at all! Media have their own purposes and goals that they strive to achieve in order to survive. So the mass media will always keep their best interests in mind, no matter what.

Has anyone been brainwashed lately? I don’t think so. I believe we have grown up brainwashed. How can I tell if any of the information I get from any means of media is true? The media is ran by people. People have feelings, ideas, weaknesses etc. I believe, we all can agree with that. When someone has a lot of media power, and this media is watched by millions of people, do they feel responsible? Do they remain committed to their ideal objectives, or do they exploit this power in order to gain more power or money? Continue reading