Set Date Time for Harris DTD‐A19B2 (Digital Clock)

The Harris DTD-A19B2 has an option of setting up the time without the presence of  a time code source.

The [Set Date Time] feature lets you manually set the time and date for the clock. This may be most useful for lab situations as the clock keeps time via its internal precision oscillator and real time clock when time code is not present. The time can either be set to the time of the Windows PC or a manual time and date can be entered.

If you try to setup the clock using the “Set Date Time” option please be aware of the following:

in Display Properties un-check Enabled dashes display.  This will prevent the clock from displaying dashes after losing time code.

If you don’t un-check the option above the clock will not get synchronize with the computer time.

E.S – MZ Engineer & IT