Leave Color Effect

Last year I had a project on a course called Theory and Practice of Cinema. The lecturer wanted us to write a script and create a short film 5 to 10 minutes. At the beginning I had difficulties finding a topic, but with the help of the lecturer I decided to make a short film about me having trouble finding ideas for the project. Obviously it was a comedy, at least I tried. The way I thought that the flow of the story was going to be, was me talking to the camera saying what were the difficulties I faced and what were the Ideas I was changing all the time because of these difficulties. I have done the script and the production and the last step was the editing. I was trying to find effects that will help me keep the interest of the viewers so they won’t get bored. Looking around YouTube I found out an effect called ‘Leave Color Effect’ (Adobe Premiere Effect). This effect allows you to choose which colour you want on your video or picture and then makes all the others black and white. Most people refer to this effect as ‘The Sin City Effect’ because of the constant use of it at the actual Hollywood movie. This effect makes you focus on one colour of your screen showing you what is important on this image/video and what not. The way I wanted this effect to work in my case was similar to the sin city movie, keeping the interest of the viewers with a cool, unusual and amazing effect that everyone will wonder how this effect was added to the film. Well, to help some of you who want to use this effect I created a tutorial with Camtasia Studio 8. Hope you like it.

Andreas Papatheodoulou – TV / Audio  MZ Lab Assistant

Why You Should Join The Communications Society! It’s Not Too Late, Join Us Tomorrow!

As a Communications student and a Mediazone Lab Assistant, I have come to realize how many opportunities we can create for ourselves here at the University of Nicosia but for some reason no one is attempting to do so which is why it all changes here!

At the beginning of the semester a fellow student/lab assistant and myself came up with one idea, to bring the Communications Society back to life. Our mission is to create a 5 minute show with announcements, news, updates, reminders and in general entertainment related topics, all to do with the University. Continue reading

The world of interlaced video

The first step in understanding video in general is to grasp the concepts of interlaced video and progressive video.

As far as we know the video we shot looked great. Something happens after you look at your export. Unfortunately tvs and computer monitors do not place nice. When recording in pal dv the refresh rate is determined by the camera or the input (A PAL signal sends 50 fields per second). The computer monitor is always at a variable rate between 60 & 85 Hz. So the 50 fps of your video – does not match well with the monitors refresh rate. This is one good case for de interlacing your video. Continue reading

The world of 3D

3d image design – Constantinos Christoudias

As technology evolves so does software . You’ve probably noticed that the most successful movies that recently came out are 3D movies (3d modelling). In addition 3D games are becoming the only option of gamers nowadays.

Have you ever wondered how the 3D movies are done? Have you ever asked yourself who is designing and who is putting together this entire stuff? Have you ever found yourself saying “WOW this is incredible and it looks so real”. Continue reading