Erasmus Internship Experience

Since I was a kid, I remember myself loving to travel all around the world, meeting new cultures, places, countries. Last summer 2014 I decided to take part in a University program called “Erasmus Placement”. It’s a program in which you can work in any European country you like and get paid.
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Erasmus Traineeships 2014 – Get involved!

The Erasmus Traineeship Program provides funding to students,  and recent graduates of the University of Nicosia to work for 2-12 months in an enterprise/organization in another European country. Traineeships can be recognized by the University and will contribute to your qualifications either in ECTS credits (usually recognition of internship course) or in the Diploma Supplement. In addition, graduates will be given a traineeship certificate for their participation. Students who kept themselves mobile throughout their studies have 25% more chances in being employed, in comparison with other non-mobile students.

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The Golden Watch or just a mid Spring day in May?

It was  a mid Spring day in May when I saw the orange painted walls of Mediazone for the first time. Orange painted walls with black drawings like a midnight dream… “tv monitors” for hills, “film” rivers, “microphone” trees, “digital” sea, “battery” bees, “speaker” clouds and floating cities – creativity and imagination like the very water and sunlight needed to grow life; “cheers!”

Reach the top of tape and monitor hills  and E. and I go back into dreams of history . Talking about beta cam video formats, travel and mathematics: I am enthusiastic to learn another way to build my reality, I feel like a child. Walking down the hill I listen through the speakers a lab assistants voice; Nader’s voice and music, something like jazz words came up on my mind: “if it sounds good and feels good, then it is good!” At a  certain point I found Andreas shooting video everywhere.  I thought what interesting eyes! Let’s see. He notices all the details, and that is good to discover a little pleasure of  life too. Imagination and moving things move Hystrian’s hands flying around the blue sky in editing. Sometimes he seems he get lost in the digital world. I like the dreamer that way too.

Little Andreas looking all around tells  me Fabrizio where are we? I don’t know but with time and courage we will find the way to come out of this trip. Meanwhile Giota and Lucia finally find me and argue that they are too busy for play, and me, I stare as a child. But their smiling eyes are too big and full of energy so I understood they were joking with me. Continue reading