COMM 192 The Theory and Practice of Cinema is now COMM211 The Theory and Practice of Digital Filmmaking

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The course explores the development of stylistic and production practices specific to the so-called “DV Realism” trend and its impact on commercial cinema as well as digital storytelling. The course also discusses the work of film directors such as Abbas Kiarostami, Lars Von Trier, David Lynch and cult and popular films such as the Zombie film REC! The students taking this course will also have the opportunity to participate in the Student Jury of Cyprus Film Days international film festival and meet people from the local and international film industry. The students will have to submit a short film as a final project and will be assigned creative practical exercises and creative written exercises throughout the semester. Continue reading

Film project funding for the 21st Century! From student films to indie – Crowdfunding!

Recently I have engaged in Crowd funding a number of projects on various crowd funding websites. It is a phenomenon that seems to have caught on in the recent worldwide economic climate. It is a bit like engaging in low risk investment for start ups on a tiny scale.  Its basically getting the whole wide world to contribute a little bit of money to get a project off the ground. This has caught on like wildfire! Continue reading

This summer – 10 professionals and 10 young people come together for an opportunity in advertising & filmaking!

A terrific opportunity for those who are serious about moving ahead in an industry that requires specialized knowledge, determination and creativity.

The Cyprus advertising and film scene is not as ubiquitous as elsewhere in the world. Due to the nations small population this highly competitive industry exists and thrives somewhat covertly, acquiring only individuals with  great passion as part of their flock.

For most people it does not even appear on their radar, but they casually consume their work everyday through the ads being made and through both short and full length films and documentaries. Continue reading

Cyprus Film Festival!!! A must attend event!

Get involved! Watch some films! Mediazones assistants are on the student judging panel!! There is nothing like the movie going experience, and the Cyprus Film Days 2013, are the best place to do it!!

Cyprus Film Days 2013 hits the big screens of Rialto Theatre and Zena Palace Cinema in its 11th edition, from the 19 – 28 April 2013, and celebrates cinema, presenting outstanding cinematic gems. This year’s exciting programme will showcase international and local productions, special tributes and music events. University of Nicosia students will participate in the newly established Student Jury. Students will experience the difficult process of film judging as they have to choose the best among the nine films of the Glocal Images section. Continue reading

EURO Shorts : A Unique Short Film Competition open to New Filmmakers across Europe

The European Travel Commission is seeking a talented new filmmaker with the vision and verve to create an inspirational short film which promotes Europe as a tourism destination to the rest of the world. If you dream of travelling across Europe and making a great film, this is your opportunity!

So what are you waiting for?! Deadline is May 13th  – click on the picture to find out more on the guidelines, practical information, terms and conditions and how to apply!!! Continue reading

Just when you thought it was safe… Film Reviewing for Beginners – Free seminars in Greek!

Αγαπητοί φίλοι,

Θα θἐλαμε να σας προσκαλέσουμε στο πρώτο απο μιά σειρά σεμιναρίων, με τίτλο Κριτική Κινηματογράφου για Αρχάριους, μέσα στα πλαίσια του προγράμματος Knowledge Sharing, που στόχο εχει να δώσει στο κοινό την ευκαιρία να έρθει σε επαφή με θέματα τέχνης και πολιτισμού, διοργανώνοντας εβδομαδιαία  και μηνιαία σεμινάρια σε θέματα πολιτιστικής παραγωγής, από τις εικαστικές τέχνες στην αρχιτεκτονική, θεωρία, μουσική, κινηματογράφο, ποίηση, δημιουργική γραφή, σχεδιασμό κ.α. Continue reading

Photo & Film Competition!

Anyone want an ipad!?

Well that’s not the only reason to check out this competition. It is definitely of interest, as the theme “…Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations in Cyprus…” is something that is close to all of our hearts. After all it’s your grandparents or even great grandparents, its family…