They are here!! Cyprus Film Days!

Friday April 24/15
Video Blog

As the Film Festival winds down for 2015 our Mediazone Lab assistants, volunteers and students are more than happy to present the last installment of our video blog. The films presented moved us to tears, to joy and made us think about ourselves and the world we live in. This  is the culture, the glue that keeps our society together. We need these outlets, these venues these events more now than ever before. We thank Cyprus Film Days for inviting us onto this journey, and we thank all of those that attended and decided to travel with us.

Polymnia Tsinti – Mediazone Lab Asssistant – Camera operator & Editing

Agathi Klonari – Mediazone Lab Asssistant – Reporting
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Being A Radio Producer

Being a radio presenter, producer or even a DJ at a radio station was just a dream job for many people a few years ago.

Today, thanks to the Internet  any user can be a radio producer even if it is not professionally at a studio. I remember 10 years ago, when I came to Cyprus I used to go to internet cafés to check my e-mail or talk to friends or surf the Internet, however today we have internet access almost everywhere. You might ask how this can be related to my subject. Well the real meaning of transmitting has changed by the invention of online Radio. That is, every single internet user can be a radio presenter, producer or even DJ and transmit the content digitally online. Nevertheless the real feeling of being in a professional radio station is still different. Continue reading