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Mediazone is all about everything media!
We love the hands on approach!

Practical courses are an important part of the road that leads to experience in the
pursuit of knowledge. There are some things you can’t just talk about, you have to do!
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We all realize that we live in a decade that is mostly influenced by the power that the mass media possess. Nowadays, this is the most usual thing, but is it real? Of course it is. As years go by, people recognize the brain washing that they get by the media, and it’s more difficult for the media to keep brain washing.

So, if it is true, how do media still manage to exist? Have they stopped telling lies and started to focus on the truth? No, that’s not true at all! Media have their own purposes and goals that they strive to achieve in order to survive. So the mass media will always keep their best interests in mind, no matter what.

Has anyone been brainwashed lately? I don’t think so. I believe we have grown up brainwashed. How can I tell if any of the information I get from any means of media is true? The media is ran by people. People have feelings, ideas, weaknesses etc. I believe, we all can agree with that. When someone has a lot of media power, and this media is watched by millions of people, do they feel responsible? Do they remain committed to their ideal objectives, or do they exploit this power in order to gain more power or money? Continue reading

Pascal English School visits Mediazone!

On the 26th of February, 2014  at least 40 Pascal English school students visited Mediazone at the University of Nicosia for a three hour workshop/tour!!!

Dr. Costas Constandinides gave students a new perspective on how to watch films. Students were introduced to aspects of film theory.


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Lyceum Kykkos B’ students visit Mediazone!

On the 28th of January, 2014 a group of 40 high school students with interest in the area of Media & Communication visited Mediazone at the University of Nicosia! The Head of Mediazone led them on a tour, and through the behind the scenes of making an advert!

They arrived at 9am and within an hour and half they got a unique tour of Mediazone, the world of media & our programmes with guest star – Dr. Mike Hajimichael! Continue reading

New Courses Description – COMM 212, COMM 302, COMM 342

COMM-212 Editing and Compositing In Digital Media

The objective of the course is to develop further skills in editing acquired from basic level production courses.
It includes: applying concepts and techniques of video and film production, shot composition and editing workshops. The students are also introduced to the making of a commercial, a Public Service Announcement, documentaries, music videos, trailers and short films. The students will be learning how to transform their ideas into audiovisual messages effectively will also as well as have the chance to use AVID, Premiere and introduced to After Effects through this course. Continue reading