They are here!! Cyprus Film Days!

Friday April 24/15
Video Blog

As the Film Festival winds down for 2015 our Mediazone Lab assistants, volunteers and students are more than happy to present the last installment of our video blog. The films presented moved us to tears, to joy and made us think about ourselves and the world we live in. This  is the culture, the glue that keeps our society together. We need these outlets, these venues these events more now than ever before. We thank Cyprus Film Days for inviting us onto this journey, and we thank all of those that attended and decided to travel with us.

Polymnia Tsinti – Mediazone Lab Asssistant – Camera operator & Editing

Agathi Klonari – Mediazone Lab Asssistant – Reporting
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The perfect slow motion movement: Twixtor

Have you ever wondered how they successfully achieve  that perfect slow motion movement in most movies? Well as I was searching on the Web to find the answer I ended up to an effect / plugin called ‘Twixtor’. Twixtor is a plug-in for After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Vegas, Avid, and many more non linear editors and compositors. When you usually try to adjust the speed duration of a clip in your composition you don’t get the same results as the 2 videos below. Continue reading

Cyprus Film Festival!!! A must attend event!

Get involved! Watch some films! Mediazones assistants are on the student judging panel!! There is nothing like the movie going experience, and the Cyprus Film Days 2013, are the best place to do it!!

Cyprus Film Days 2013 hits the big screens of Rialto Theatre and Zena Palace Cinema in its 11th edition, from the 19 – 28 April 2013, and celebrates cinema, presenting outstanding cinematic gems. This year’s exciting programme will showcase international and local productions, special tributes and music events. University of Nicosia students will participate in the newly established Student Jury. Students will experience the difficult process of film judging as they have to choose the best among the nine films of the Glocal Images section. Continue reading

The world of 3D

3d image design – Constantinos Christoudias

As technology evolves so does software . You’ve probably noticed that the most successful movies that recently came out are 3D movies (3d modelling). In addition 3D games are becoming the only option of gamers nowadays.

Have you ever wondered how the 3D movies are done? Have you ever asked yourself who is designing and who is putting together this entire stuff? Have you ever found yourself saying “WOW this is incredible and it looks so real”. Continue reading