Hugo Olivos – Mediazone Tv – Lab Assistant 2009 – 2011

Hugo Olivos was one of our Mediazone Lab Assistants who finished his Masters in Communications here at the University of Nicosia. 2010 – 2012. Hugo is a Unic Alumnus with music on his mind! Although he originates from Mexico his heart is here in Cyprus. His wife, band and the children that he teaches music to part time are all integral parts of his life. No matter where he is he breathes and lives drumming and metal music. Apart from his drummer “secret identity”, Hugo is just the nicest guy. He displayed “customer service” skills, and an easy going personality, was adept at everything and had that winning smile!

We wish you luck & fame! Our door is always open! And we will follow your music career. We are here for whatever you may need, even if it’s just someone to “Rock out” with you! Continue reading

Just because you shot the video does not mean it’s yours! Get serious about who owns your work!

The moment you insert some Rihanna music in your video, that video cannot be owned exclusively by you because you do not own the licensing rights to the music. So unless you pay for it, (way too much money!), you must create your own music, and most of us lack that particular talent, so then your only other choice is royalty free, and/or creative commons music. Using this type of music and in most cases crediting the artist, gives you the freedom to do what you want with your video. Of course there are varying degrees of common creative and ownership licenses, but usually the source of your music will provide you with details. Royalty free music when purchased does not even require credits, because you own the music once it is paid for. In this case you can even sell your video without issue. Youtube has sophisticated software embedded where they can troll for licensed music. Copyright music is flagged, you get a strike against your account with the possibility of having your video taken down. Continue reading