Tedx University of Nicosia & Mediazone Production Values!

Ted Talks have gained world wide recognition, but the production standards are still relatively general. There is not a lot of pressure placed on the Curator of each city to produce an all out impressive recording. The requested standards are pretty basic in order to give opportunities for a variety of approaches. Mediazone currently has three Tedx productions  under their belt. Mediazone handles all aspects of production, producing, directing the live show and editing it into a final piece of video.
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What is the bottom dollar in production??

Recent figures on pay structure for below the line film production salaries!
Most of us that work in the media and in film have aspirations, and even lofty goals; and so we should. Casey Kasem, an iconic radio personality, who recently died this summer, used to close with “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars”. Most of us do just that. We are the creative types, the bread and butter behind every production, the push and the pull, the muscle and the operators. It is usually pretty easy to forget these individuals as their name goes racing by in the multitude of names at the end credits of a film. In Cyprus, we need these people more than ever! Continue reading

Pascal English School visits Mediazone!

On the 26th of February, 2014  at least 40 Pascal English school students visited Mediazone at the University of Nicosia for a three hour workshop/tour!!!

Dr. Costas Constandinides gave students a new perspective on how to watch films. Students were introduced to aspects of film theory.


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COMM 192 The Theory and Practice of Cinema is now COMM211 The Theory and Practice of Digital Filmmaking

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The course explores the development of stylistic and production practices specific to the so-called “DV Realism” trend and its impact on commercial cinema as well as digital storytelling. The course also discusses the work of film directors such as Abbas Kiarostami, Lars Von Trier, David Lynch and cult and popular films such as the Zombie film REC! The students taking this course will also have the opportunity to participate in the Student Jury of Cyprus Film Days international film festival and meet people from the local and international film industry. The students will have to submit a short film as a final project and will be assigned creative practical exercises and creative written exercises throughout the semester. Continue reading

The Omcopter

The Drones are among us! In reality & fiction film!

Have you ever thought that your camera can fly? That with a remote controller you can direct your camera and take video footage from the sky?

For many years film-makers have tried to achieve the effect of shooting from an actual helicopter without using one, and most of the time this resulted in broken cameras or at least lens.  Not everyone has the budget to include a giant crane or a flying machine as a technical part of his production. Nowadays there is a solution, for all this crazy attempts to be achieved natural flying movement of the camera. A German company has developed a device called the “Omcopter”. Continue reading

Mix it up!

Audio is more important than video. Imagine watching a movie where the video quality is a bit poor – with lines running through it, but the  sound quality was amazing.

You would watch it no problem. Small sacrifice. Now imagine the opposite. The picture is clear but the actors cannot be heard and there is a loud buzz in the audio. Press stop! No way! Audio plays a large part in any production. Continue reading