Connect Allen & Heath XB-14 Radio Mixer to SAM Broadcaster PRO

In this tutorial we will explain to you how to connect a radio mixing desk to SAM Broadcaster PRO .

In our Radio Lab we are using Allen&Heath XB-14 radio mixing desk  and SAM Broadcaster PRO (v4.9.8). However the same principals apply to all USB/FireWire (IEEE 1394) audio/radio mixing desks and to most versions of SAM broadcaster.

Before I start you can have a look at the Allen&Heath XB-14 Quick Operation Manual which we prepared for our students. It will give you a quick guide on how to operate the radio mixing desk. Continue reading

Being A Radio Producer

Being a radio presenter, producer or even a DJ at a radio station was just a dream job for many people a few years ago.

Today, thanks to the Internet  any user can be a radio producer even if it is not professionally at a studio. I remember 10 years ago, when I came to Cyprus I used to go to internet cafés to check my e-mail or talk to friends or surf the Internet, however today we have internet access almost everywhere. You might ask how this can be related to my subject. Well the real meaning of transmitting has changed by the invention of online Radio. That is, every single internet user can be a radio presenter, producer or even DJ and transmit the content digitally online. Nevertheless the real feeling of being in a professional radio station is still different. Continue reading

Radiocracy: local radio & democracy

On the 23rd of July I had the chance to visit Northampton (England) to participate in a European youth exchange project named ‘Radiocracy’. This project was aimed at developing radio skills and content from local governments and train young people on how to produce and spread radio content in their localities. The goal of this attempt was to improve youth awareness on how different democratic systems work. The teams consisted of five participants from Cyprus, England and France.

Each group had a ‘leader’ with experience and involvement in radio. The members of my team (Cyprus) were Andreas Rocopos, Evie Hartsioti, Antonia Filippou, Christiana Palaonta and our leader Dr. Mike Hadjimichael. The first part of the project started in France, then continued in Cyprus and finished in England. I only had the chance to participate to the trip in England. On their staying in Cyprus members from the three groups decided to create a song, in French and English language with the help of Med Dred. Continue reading