The Omcopter

The Drones are among us! In reality & fiction film!

Have you ever thought that your camera can fly? That with a remote controller you can direct your camera and take video footage from the sky?

For many years film-makers have tried to achieve the effect of shooting from an actual helicopter without using one, and most of the time this resulted in broken cameras or at least lens.  Not everyone has the budget to include a giant crane or a flying machine as a technical part of his production. Nowadays there is a solution, for all this crazy attempts to be achieved natural flying movement of the camera. A German company has developed a device called the “Omcopter”. Continue reading

RED Epic? What is that?!

If 2 cameras are not enough for your production, try shooting with 50. Recently, I was watching a behind the scenes video of the new Hollywood film,  “The Hobbit”. The thing that amazed me was the fact that in order for the film to be shot, 48 RED epic cameras were used. I started asking myself  “Why RED?”, “What is it that makes these cameras  better than the rest, and why choose them ?” . And that is why I want to share with you a brief review of the RED epic cameras and leave you to decide for yourself if it’s worth  the price of 24 000$ !!! Continue reading