Facebook – staying social, I like it…….

Facebook nowadays has invaded our daily activities and generally our lives.  For more information about it’s creation click on:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook.

It’s no coincidence that millions of people spend so much time on Facebook.  Personally, I spend more than the half of my free time on it.   It can provide several things, such as free communication with people around the world, especially for people who have relatives in other countries like me.  Another thing that Facebook provides is, that you can add all of your friends and also learn new things through the posts of articles or pictures that you can share with them.  Moving on, another function of Facebook is the games that it includes, my favourite one lately is Candy Crash, which also attracts many people. You can also, spend your free time chatting with friends, uploading pictures of yourself and your friends. Continue reading

My student experience! A busy semester at University of Nicosia

Fall 2013,  lessons started on the 30th of October.

I was very excited about my new start since it is my 2nd year! The courses that I have selected this semester are Video Production and Multimedia which are practical courses, Newswriting , Film and Public Relations Methods which are theoretical courses. Lets not forget Mediazone Lab Assistant Training!

The first 2 weeks, professors gave us an introduction about the subjects, showed us the themes, the equipment and actually what is going to follow this semester. At the end of October we had our first midterm. The material that the teacher examined us on was based on understanding the first steps of the introduction, which was easy. At the same time, we had to submit 2 essays in one week (2 different lessons). Continue reading

The Golden Watch or just a mid Spring day in May?

It was  a mid Spring day in May when I saw the orange painted walls of Mediazone for the first time. Orange painted walls with black drawings like a midnight dream… “tv monitors” for hills, “film” rivers, “microphone” trees, “digital” sea, “battery” bees, “speaker” clouds and floating cities – creativity and imagination like the very water and sunlight needed to grow life; “cheers!”

Reach the top of tape and monitor hills  and E. and I go back into dreams of history . Talking about beta cam video formats, travel and mathematics: I am enthusiastic to learn another way to build my reality, I feel like a child. Walking down the hill I listen through the speakers a lab assistants voice; Nader’s voice and music, something like jazz words came up on my mind: “if it sounds good and feels good, then it is good!” At a  certain point I found Andreas shooting video everywhere.  I thought what interesting eyes! Let’s see. He notices all the details, and that is good to discover a little pleasure of  life too. Imagination and moving things move Hystrian’s hands flying around the blue sky in editing. Sometimes he seems he get lost in the digital world. I like the dreamer that way too.

Little Andreas looking all around tells  me Fabrizio where are we? I don’t know but with time and courage we will find the way to come out of this trip. Meanwhile Giota and Lucia finally find me and argue that they are too busy for play, and me, I stare as a child. But their smiling eyes are too big and full of energy so I understood they were joking with me. Continue reading

What is Kinetic Typography?


Have you ever watched a whole music video consisting of letters? Literally only words flying around the screen, but made in a such way that it’s actually very cool?

Well this kind of motion graphics is called “kinetic typography”. I got very inspired by this kind of art lately and that’s why I would like to share some helpful information with you. Continue reading

At the heart of a table tennis player & coach


They are hand picked, highly trained and on many occasions multi talented; and when they graduate we are sorry to see them go. On the other hand we couldn’t be prouder!

Take Constantinos Christoudias for instance. He has been with us for just over 2 years. He was an exceptional assistant and an exceptional student. Little did we know that behind his warm “customer service” exterior smile, beat the heart of a true competitor. Constantinos is both a table tennis player and a coach. Continue reading

Mediazone Student website statistics for the Spring semester – Making its way around the world!

Spring Semester Stats – Fresh from Google!

It is hard to believe that next month our student website will be 2 years old. In that time it has grown from being a basic information site to an incredible tool for all students taking practical courses in the Department of Communications. Not only have we improved, tweaked and tinkered under the hood, but we have added “can’t live without” tools such as all of our operation manuals in pdf – including the hard to find ones. Students are using our handbooks, useful links, booking their cameras and facilities, all from the comfort of their own homes. It truly is a “one stop shopping site”,  a “megamart” of sorts. Or maybe a really cool “Swiss army tool-kit”,  where you can quickly find the right tool, & pretty well everything you need to survive throughout the semester.  Continue reading

Class Project – Dub Caravan

COMM 216 Radio Production (section 02)

Class Project

On this clip students from Radio production COMM 216 interview Dub Caravan about his music, influences and future plans.

Felix Russ Abu  aka Dub Caravan is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer who creates a multi-dimensional musical landscape for listeners craving something fresh, original and out-of-this-world… He is a multi-instrumentalist music producer who has worked with a variety of people over the last five years, including Nambo Robinson, Haji Mike, Shaky Norman and Hornsman Coyote. In theory, the music of Dub Caravan is not associated with any particular style but it is heavily influenced by the dub and reggae music of the 70’s, world Beat, ambient, chill out,  jazz, punk rock and ethnic music particularly from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East.