Robots in our lives

robotsI remember when I was a kid, we used to play with robots; a toy that had a light and some nice motions to it. At the time I never thought that one day robots could be used in big and very sensitive operations. I always asked myself the question of how much can robots be useful for humans. Continue reading

Why should we participate in sport activities?

During the last couple of years, the technology has developed so much, that almost every person’s everyday life is connected to computers somehow.  Many young people prefer to stay home and play video games, instead of going out and doing some physical activity. People from all ages spend hours surfing the internet, because they have some free time after a busy day at work. Continue reading

My Tv wants to be smart! Help your Tv grow up and be smart!

Part 1 of 2

Quite recently the term Smart TV has been coined to mean a variety of things. Although Samsung may be using the phrase, it has moved beyond its products and first & foremost, it definitely means connectivity. It means that you can you can surf the internet using a prebuilt application or even speak to your TV and it will perform certain command functions. You can watch TV through the internet through Netflix or Hulu and sometimes do much more. Many operating systems are used in this endeavor to expand the entertainment experience. Custom OS software like the Sony Bravia line or the Samsung lines are used, but also Linux based OS systems as well as Android. Continue reading

Buying a TV? LED was just a stepping stone, here comes the real revolution, OLED!

If you are in the market for a tv, then you should do two things. Wait, and save up some money. Okay, a lot of money!

LED televsions are going to enjoy a shorter stay then expected, as we move over to the next real staple of television viewing technology. It is not just the next evolution – but a revolution! When you compare LED & OLED the choice is obvious. OLED is lighter, plastic not glass, thinner (paper thin!), flexible, brighter, more responsive, has better contrast, more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, consumes less power, and has a larger field of view. But they are also a lot more sensitive to humidity and water, and don’t last as long. OLED has been around for a number of years, but research and development has been meticulous, and products few and far between. Continue reading

Should we really buy ipad 3?

If you see the ipad3 and ipad2 together, at a glance, you cannot see or recognize the differences, but actually they have some.

I put the ipad3 and ipad2 together and I saw that the new one is actually thinner and lighter, actually in more detail (50g and thicker 0.6mm). The second item that got my attention was the screen which helps people that want to read a book or watch movies, and definitely better quality picture in gaming.The new ipad3 is faster, and also they say that there are some differences in some standard applications. Continue reading