Tedx University of Nicosia & Mediazone Production Values!

Ted Talks have gained world wide recognition, but the production standards are still relatively general. There is not a lot of pressure placed on the Curator of each city to produce an all out impressive recording. The requested standards are pretty basic in order to give opportunities for a variety of approaches. Mediazone currently has three Tedx productions  under their belt. Mediazone handles all aspects of production, producing, directing the live show and editing it into a final piece of video.
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TEDx University of Nicosia – Mediazone Backstage

Where: Filoxenia Conference Center
When: 14 – 15 November 2014
What: Behind the Scenes
Who: TEDx, University of Nicosia & MediaZone
Why: Looking Deeper!
More to come!
Camera Operator: Marios Vassiliou – MZ Lab Assistant
Editors: Andreas Papatheodoulou & Marios Vassiliou – MZ Lab Assistants
Soundtrack: BoxCat Games – 24.Tricks (Tricks by BoxCat Games is Licensed under a Creative Comms Attribution License)

Mediazone gearing up for TEdxUNic!