New Courses Description – COMM 212, COMM 302, COMM 342

COMM-212 Editing and Compositing In Digital Media

The objective of the course is to develop further skills in editing acquired from basic level production courses.
It includes: applying concepts and techniques of video and film production, shot composition and editing workshops. The students are also introduced to the making of a commercial, a Public Service Announcement, documentaries, music videos, trailers and short films. The students will be learning how to transform their ideas into audiovisual messages effectively will also as well as have the chance to use AVID, Premiere and introduced to After Effects through this course. Continue reading

“That Summer”

Ant1’s new television drama series called ‘That Summer’ started airing on TV this October. Its story is based on the tragic events that happened in Cyprus in 1974. Its aim seems to be to show people the pain, suffering and struggle the tragic events triggered throughout the life of a 7 year old girl that had to live through it and unfortunately was left without a father. She is reminded of the Turkish invasion every year on the 20th of July when she hears the civil defence sirens, and this is where her story begins. It is a very emotional series that awakens the past for many Cypriots that lived through those events but it also recreates events for many Cypriots who were not yet born when they actually happened. Continue reading

Buying a TV? LED was just a stepping stone, here comes the real revolution, OLED!

If you are in the market for a tv, then you should do two things. Wait, and save up some money. Okay, a lot of money!

LED televsions are going to enjoy a shorter stay then expected, as we move over to the next real staple of television viewing technology. It is not just the next evolution – but a revolution! When you compare LED & OLED the choice is obvious. OLED is lighter, plastic not glass, thinner (paper thin!), flexible, brighter, more responsive, has better contrast, more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, consumes less power, and has a larger field of view. But they are also a lot more sensitive to humidity and water, and don’t last as long. OLED has been around for a number of years, but research and development has been meticulous, and products few and far between. Continue reading