The Distance Learning IT department Proudly Present the Unic Application!

Just like me, you  also may have seen posters around University advertising the new Unic Application. When I first saw it I thought it was a brilliant idea since most of us have learned and have gotten used to having everything we need on our phone. Our phones have become a part of our daily lives and we always have them on us. They are not only our phones but they have become our personal mail man, our entertainment at times of boredom, our computer, basically they’ve become a customized piece of technology  that suits each and everyone’s personal need.

“The Distance Learning IT Unit, in line with IT trends and student needs, has developed the first in-house mobile application for the University. The app, is now available on Windows Store, Google Play and App Store, its aim is to simplify everything you need to know about the University of Nicosia.” Taken from Gregoris Vishnumolakala article for Unic magazine.

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