COMM -117 VIDEO PRODUCTION – Love this course

The video production course is part of the “Radio and Tv” section from the “Communications” studies and it’s a practical course. In this course you will have to learn clearly 2 things: the PD170 camera and Avid, a computer programme to edit video. I believe that for students who are interested in video, cameras, those that want to be a director, camera person, editor, it is a great choice to add this course to their path. We have the first contact with the equipment and how they are working. I helped myself with this course and generally it is very interesting because we have to do video productions in groups. Usually the lecturer makes groups (4 students) so everyone has a responsibility like camera person, director A, director B and model.

As a result, in my opinion another one benefit from this course is the opportunity to work in groups and have as a small experience how the professionals work! Do not miss this course, it’s interesting and at the University of Nicosia, & the level is high!! Continue reading

COMM 192 The Theory and Practice of Cinema is now COMM211 The Theory and Practice of Digital Filmmaking

Don’t Miss!!

The course explores the development of stylistic and production practices specific to the so-called “DV Realism” trend and its impact on commercial cinema as well as digital storytelling. The course also discusses the work of film directors such as Abbas Kiarostami, Lars Von Trier, David Lynch and cult and popular films such as the Zombie film REC! The students taking this course will also have the opportunity to participate in the Student Jury of Cyprus Film Days international film festival and meet people from the local and international film industry. The students will have to submit a short film as a final project and will be assigned creative practical exercises and creative written exercises throughout the semester. Continue reading

TEDx Nicosia 2013


You don’t have to go far to be inspired and educated when you have an upcoming  Tedx event. Once again this year Tedx Nicosia  2013 gears up for another incredible journey with guest speakers coming from a variety of disciplines and perspectives. If you were one of the few fortunate people to get a ticket and be there live at the event – you are in for a real treat! Continue reading

The joy of DIY

For most people who are enthusiastic about video production it may not come as a shock to know that it is one of the most expensive fields to get into as an independent. Equipment is not cost effective at all as the rate of technology change and turnover is high. Continue reading