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Premiere Pro system requirements

 Your system must meet the minimum specifications to run Premiere Pro (see below). If you are considering hardware upgrades, see Optimizing your System for Premiere Pro and After Effects for more information.

Video editing drives

You will require an external drive to accomplish course work as Mediazone does supply local storage space. You should have an external drive to use throughout your degree, for all of your practical courses. For Video Editing we recommend SSD external drives.

SSD drives have a reputation for being much faster than hard-disk drives. Aside from speed, their main advantage is their near-instantaneous seek times, as well as their ability to read many small files at nearly the same speed as one large file. (Source)

Specs for premiere

Recommended models:

For any clarification, please contact us here.

Master control room workflow

Other assests

  1. CountDown Timer


  1. WebCG – CasparCG Framework


Video files for Play-Out Settings:

  • Content MUST be 1080i (50) format
  • Content should be 4:3 center-cut safe.
  • Video Format: 1080i, 25 frames/sec (50 fields/sec)
  • File Format: MXF (OP1A, self contained)
  • Video Codec: Sony XDCAMHD 50 PAL (4:2:2)
  • Field Order: Upper Field first
  • Audio Format: 48 KHz sample rate, uncompressed, 16 bit sample size
  • Operating Level: Peak program levels at -12 to -8dBfs, nominal -10dBfs


To transfer your teleprompter scripts make sure you access them from the web (via E-mail or online File sharing service).
No USB drive is allowed to be connected to the teleprompter machine.

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