Mediazone Operating hours for equipment services:
Monday to Friday 10:00 – 20:00.
Operating hours will be assessed periodically and new information will be posted in cases of any change. Please watch the website for new information.



The University of Nicosia, following the instructions of the Ministries of Health, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, decided to resume the function of Mediazone facilities for face to face teaching support of practical courses, for the Department of Communications and Design & Multimedia, from October 12, 2020. The reopening and operation of the Facilities will be carried out applying all the measures mentioned in this protocol, for the determination of which the general risk assessment concerning the University of Nicosia in relation to infectious diseases has been taken into account. This includes the control measures in case of epidemic / pandemic, the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health legislation, as well as the combination of the measures of various related protocols issued by the Republic of Cyprus to limit the spread of SARS-Cov-2; since at present there is no protocol that concerns exclusively the provision for instructional use of audio visual facilities and equipment.

The protocol has been created by the University of Nicosia in order to provide information and instructions on the measures that will be applied to the delivery of practical courses with a view to safeguarding the safety, health and well-being of both students and employees as well as third-party visitors and site users, aiming to minimize the spread of SARS-Cov-2 during their conduct.

The protocol will be revised and amended against any variations of the directives of the Government of Cyprus or the decisions of the University of Nicosia in order to enhance the conditions of safety, health and prosperity.

For the successful implementation of the protocol and the safe return to normalcy, the contribution of both the staff and the students and collaborators of the University of Nicosia is necessary, something that is desired and expected by all.

All of the new Mediazone Guidelines / Protocols have designed with the safety of students, student lab assistants and all staff / faculty first.

The safety, and the management of the equipment in relation to the disinfection process as well as the administration of the equipment is undertaken by Mediazone as outlined in the protocols.

Please follow and respect all of the below for your safety and for those around you.

All of University of Nicosia related Covid information and updates can be found here. (

All protocols have been approved by University of Nicosia Health & Safety Office.


  • Safety first. Your health is above all else.
  • Be respectful, kind and sensitive to others in these challenging times.
  • Help other people to understand and follow the guidelines / protocols and procedures.


  1. Implementation of masks / temperature readings and hand sanitization.
  2. Sanitary stations made available in proximity of facilities.
  3. Facility capacities posted, and controlled.
  4. Plexiglass barrier for Service Space in Television studio facility.
  5. Signage and floor markings for information, seating and physical distancing.
  6. All equipment disinfected before check out and after check in.
  7. Certain facilities will have air filters and dehumidifiers.
  8. Facility cleaning and disinfection after each class – using Antiviral Fogging Machine.


Users will be required to wear a mask properly (covering both mouth and nose) at all times in all Mediazone facilities.

Hand sanitisers will be available in proximity of facilities for consistent use.

Before entering Mediazone facilities, users will have their temperature and overall mask usage checked.

Users are required to uphold the 2-metre physical distancing throughout the facilities, unless directed for purposes of workshops / teaching by faculty.

The transport and consumption of beverages and food on the premises of any facility is prohibited.

The plastic bags of the bins, when full, to be disposed of immediately by contacting facilities and University cleaning personnel.

No access will be allowed for impromptu visits, public and external users.

Mediazone TV studio will use a zone system, as it will be the sole point for equipment pick up and drop off.

Mediazone will have 3 separate zones setup for the Television studio. Please see map.


Everyone needs to ensure interaction in the correct zone only when necessary. Ensure you are in the facility only when required.

  • A UNIC ID card is required for all students, no service without one.
  • All tours/visits/workshops or activities outside the academic program, within Mediazone facilities have been postponed until further notice.
  • All other Mediazone rules and regulations still apply, unless otherwise stated.


Cameras / equipment will need to air out after disinfection in dedicated open space for 6-12 hours before being checked out again. Availability will be extremely limited. Students and faculty are encouraged to plan heavily with a Plan B or Plan C in mind.

  1. Equipment may be dedicated to certain classes. There will be a division between equipment used for lending and for in class equipment. Equipment will be limited.
  2. Checkout will begin at 10am and last check in of equipment will be at 8pm. No check in or out activity when Tv production studio is in use for class. A single day of checkout applies as the maximum duration of equipment held by a student. Students are encouraged to bring back equipment as soon as they have completed use as equipment is limited. You may book a camera, but a camera may not be available at the time of pickup. We will attempt to notify you in advance if possible.
  3. Specific pickup / return times will be declared at reservation and at checkout for students and noted on system notes. BY APPOINTMENT FOR PICKUP AND RETURN ONLY. Appointments will be every 30 minutes from 10am to 8pm.

For both faculty and students, the pickup / drop off process will take longer than usual, so please leave enough time ahead.

If you are late with your time slot, we may have to ask you to reschedule. This is to avoid users bringing back equipment together, as collection and drop off will be time consuming.

Only one person assisted per appointment. If you are not able to make your scheduled appointment, please contact us by phone or email, as you will be expected to show up.


  1. Use ONLY CAMERA LCD SCREENS. No eyecups or eyepieces used for any cameras.
  2. Use of gloves in class to handle equipment is optional.
  3. Equipment cannot be shared and operated in a group format in class. A single operator for each different piece of equipment needs to be designated and required at all times. Please speak to faculty.
  4. All equipment is NOT TO LEAVE THE UNIVERSITY MAIN CAMPUS area at any time. Equipment cannot be taken outside of this location, even to other areas of the greater University campus.
  5. DO NOT pack up any equipment at the end of a class – in any of the facilities.
  6. DO NOT try to clean or disinfect any equipment on your own under any circumstances.
  7. NO HEADPHONES available in Mediazone – students must bring their own.
  8. When microphones requested for check out, they are supplied with one disposable mic muff in a plastic bag. Please throw away and do not return.
  9. All equipment picked up / dropped off from Mediazone, Television Studio only. This is the pickup and drop off point. Photography equipment lockers will remain locked.


  1. Entry to any Mediazone facilities requires a temperature reading, from all users taken by faculty. Class attendance records kept in order to assist a possible need of contacts tracking.
  2. Each facility will be disinfected using Antiviral Fogging Machine after each new group of users by faculty / Mediazone.
  3. The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition System (HVAC) must be set on, at least one (1) hour before the use of a room and set off at least one (1) hour after the room’s last use.
  4. During periods of non-use of the rooms, the doors must remain open in order to provide faster and more efficient ventilation of the space together with the open window. The air conditioner remains on.
  5. Equipment is disinfected after each new group of users for in class by Mediazone, and new equipment issued for new sessions for each new group of users.
  6. Mic muffs will be changed between uses for each new group of users / or user in Audio / Radio lab.
  7. Do not make constant adjustments to mic and mic arm in Audio / Radio lab.Set it and leave it.
  8. Strict observance of the maximum number of people who can be in the space at the same time, which responds to the limit of eight square meters per person (8m2 / person). The number will be written at the entrance of each room.
    Facility Capacities (maximum number of individuals based on size of space – not counting faculty) are as follows:

B116 AUDIO / RADIO = 13
Total = 12

  1. Capacity seating for students in teaching spaces, Television studio / Digital Lab / Photography studio will have chairs in staggered positions in the teaching configuration. There will be stickers indicating chair positions. DO NOT move your seat around the facility as it has a designated space, see floor sticker. All stationary seating will follow physical distancing rules.