General FAQ

Do I have to read and agree to the rules and reservations?

Yes. Before you begin using Mediazone, as a registered student you will have to agree to the Mediazone Rules & Regulations. There is a lot of important information, and you can refer to them here at all times.

I forgot my ID, Can I use Mediazone?

You should have your Student ID available for everything you do in Mediazone. It is very important to show your Student ID every time – as part of the Mediazone Rules and Regulations. If you do happen to forget your Student ID – the Lab Assistant will accept an official Government issued photo ID as an alternative. No ID means no service.

What equipment is available for the course I am taking?

Your instructor should be able to outline this for you, but you can always refer to here for equipment available in Mediazone. Your Lab Assistant will also be able to show you anytime you like what is available in the way of equipment and facilities. Just ask!

What happens to the video material I recorded?

All recorded video should be transferred/copied to your own personal external disk. All students are responsible for their own material/projects. All students must use their own external hard drive (preferably one that uses external power). For recommended drive options please speak to your lab assistant or Mediazone Broadcast Engineer.

Should I be deleting my material from the SD cards, and other recording media?

Yes. After you have transferred or copied your material, and you have reviewed it, please go ahead and erase all the material you have recorded. It really helps out the next student using the equipment.

Do I need to reserve the TV studio and / or the Easy audio booth?

Yes, both the TV Studio and the Easy audio booth are available for reservations online. Come in and get familiar with the equipment before you need to use them. Ask your lab assistant to show you what is available.

Do I need to reserve the Digital Lab?

No reservations are needed. You can use the Digital lab without reservation – with or without a lab assistant present. You cannot use the facility during class time – when lessons are conducted. Please see the schedules here. It is the only Mediazone facility that is open on Saturday mornings along with the University, between 9AM and 1PM.

What happens if I save my work on the C: Drive - or Desktop of any of the Mediazone computers?

When the computer is shutdown, or restarts everything on the C:\ drive – or Desktop is erased. Unfortunately there is no way of recovering these files. Always make sure you are saving to your own personal external drive. You are ultimately responsible for your material.

Is there WIFI in Mediazone?

There is a UNIC public WIFI that you can access.

What does a Lab Assistant do?

Lab assistants are here to: Guide and support you, in finding the material you need to gain the answers you want. They are also here for technical support and to troubleshooting when the technology goes wrong. Lab Assistants do not teach parts of a class / missed classes / or items not covered in a class. They will guide you to the multiple ways you can discover answers through all of the different resources available. They will support you by offering information and answering questions about how you can use a variety of equipment to undertake a project, giving you advice as how to approach it and the peripheral equipment you may need.

How can I become a Lab Assistant?

Talk to one of your Lab Assistants to find out more, or just click here for more information.

Can I borrow a headset from Mediazone?

We encourage all students to use their own headsets – especially in class and the Digital Lab, (For health & Safety reasons). In the Audio & Radio facilities we include professional headsets.

Can I borrow equipment, even though I am not studying Communications or Design & Multimedia?

No. Equipment and facility use is dependent on being a registered student in a Communications department or Design & Multimedia practical course – for the current semester. It also depends on what the instructor has requested for her or his class, as in some classes students get to use equipment during the class only.

What are penalties?

Penalties exist to help regulate our limited resources. Penalties are incurred when you violate Mediazone rules and regulation. Examples include: Reserving facilities and not showing up and bringing in equipment later than you were supposed to. Please make sure your read all of the rules and regulations here.

It is after the Semester, but I need to use Mediazone to complete a project. What can I do?

For students that have extenuating circumstances for not completing projects and have already spoken to their instructor; please have your instructor send in an email with your name and Id number outlining the reasons in order to make arrangements for Mediazone to give you access. They can contact us here.

Reservations FAQ

What are the Mediazone open hours?

Mediazone is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 20:45. Mediazone is closed on Saturdays, with the exception of the Digital Lab. There is no staff or Lab Assistants available on Saturdays.

I am experiencing difficulties in logging on to the Mediazone website to make my reservation. What should I do now?

Ensure you are registered student in a practical course in the Communications or the Design & Multimedia Department. Check the web address you are using. Make sure that you are currently logged on to the Mediazone website and not through the student intranet. Please speak to your lab assistant or the Mediazone Broadcast Engineer for assistance.

I am living in Limassol and studying in Nicosia. Can you make an exception on reservations and borrowing equipment?

No. In association with your instructors, we believe that the days allowed for completing projects are enough to ensure that you will not require more time. The existing system will not allow for changes or exceptions. Time management is key in all projects that demand production.

I am running a little late and I am unable to meet my reservation responsibilities. What happens then?

If you are running a little late make sure you call us and offer up a reasonable explanation. 15 minutes plus or minus is not really an issue as long as you contact Mediazone by phone. Contact information can be found here. Abusing this courtesy can lead to restriction of privileges.

How many hours am I allowed to reserve facilities?

You are allowed a maximum of 3 hours a week. These hours can be consecutive in one day or spread over the week. The only limitation will be if the facility is used for a class. You can check the schedule here.

How many hours am I allowed to reserve equipment?

You are allowed a maximum of 5 days a week.

If I can't pick up or return my equipment can I send someone else to do so?

No. You are responsible for picking up and bringing back any equipment booked under your student id number. Equipment must be thoroughly checked by the user, in this case only you the registered student are capable and authorized to do this – in both the check out and check in process.

I am taking more than one practical course this semester, how many days or hours am I allowed to reserve?

Regardless of the number of courses you are taking the maximum days for reserving equipment is 5 and the maximum number of hours for reserving facilities is 3.

I have not updated my contact information, is that OK?

No. Please ensure ALL of your information is up to date and accurate on your Student Intranet account in order for us to assist you.

Can I cancel a reservation over the phone?

No you cannot. Cancellations are made by you the student via the Reservation system. You have up to 8 hours prior to your reservation to make a cancellation. For further information see Rules & Regulations.

Can a Mediazone Lab Assistant reserve or cancel a reservation for me?

No they cannot. Reservations or cancellations cannot be made by a Lab Assistant or from any of the Mediazone computers.

Other Useful Information.

Please make sure you note any reservations you make. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of the dates and times they have reserved.

Please make sure you log on & log off from the system.

Understand that you are responsible for all activities on your Student ID/ Password – account.

Passwords should be treated as confidential information. Individuals should not give their password to another person, friends or family members, co-workers, under any circumstances.
If you encounter any problem with the website please report through the contact us section of the website. Include your full name, course(s) you are taking and phone number. You can always speak to your lab assistant.