My ‘UNIC September’ Experience

I developed a somewhat unexpected interest of hiking while spending some holidays at a mountain in south of Peloponnese a few years ago. But, never would I have thought that the next time I would find myself down a trail would be along the ‘UNIC September’ program. ‘UNIC September’ is the orientation program of the University of Nicosia, designed to introduce new students to the UNIC environment and enjoy the experience of being a UNIC student. Apart from learning and social activities one of the ‘UNIC September’ events is a day trip to the Troodos Mountain! And surely enough, I was assigned to this event by Mediazone.

Student assistants in Mediazone are given opportunities to attend and work on various events and projects around Cyprus (and sometimes abroad -yep!) throughout the semesters. Meaning wherever the University goes we follow. Some projects are much more challenging than others but at the end of the day we always feel rewarded as we could have not gained any of the professional experience, precious moments nor develop our selves so early on, during our college years. And all of that is possible only because of Mediazone…

The day of the event came quickly. The bus ride to Troodos Mountain was pretty fun and all freshmen were anticipating the hike. Once we were up the mountain, we noticed the temperature falling – which was a nice escape from the September heat of Nicosia. Soon enough, we were at the beginning of our trail; the Caledonia Waterfalls…

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Jenga: A Mediazone Retrospective

New Mediazone Blog starts here and now!

So, buckle up for new faces, new posts, and most importantly, complex analogies.

Before getting into the meat of this post, let us cover the background that facilitates the operations of Mediazone.

Training is a very meticulous but rewarding process. It was my very first training experience and, in many ways, it was comparable to boot-camp. The challenges of training combined with my inexperience felt overwhelming. But this was quickly changed by icebreaker activities. The icebreakers included a variety of intriguing team building exercises. One of those exercises happened to be very personally memorable as it pushed me to write about this experience, i.e. the Giant Jenga!

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Safeguarding Cyprus tradition – one video at a time!

The UNESCO Chair here at the University of Nicosia has been involved with highlighting, preserving and emphasizing the importance of Cyprus culture and heritage.

The Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO, with the support of the UNESCO Chair, University of Nicosia and Mediazone, collaborated on a project in March that brought to the forefront the important art of Lefkaritiko Embroidery Lace making, in the village of Lefkara.

20 Cypriot artists received the opportunity to work with the teachers of the craft, to learn and live alongside them and ultimately create their own works of art, culminating in a gallery opening and an exhibition in Strasbourg France. Continue reading

Photography Classes at University of Nicosia

It’s a click of a button and viola a photo is born, kind of! Photography has become so very easily accessible to all of us but yet has lost its true notion of documentation of either real life events, a moment in time or a fabrication of our imagination. The photography classes at University of Nicosia are designed through the enthusiasm of its instructors to release the passion of true photography again, through the difficulties of capturing the perfect light or the greatest expression through a class mates face this class really focuses on getting students to reconnect with what photography really is all about. Continue reading

Used equipment sale

Over time technology has only one choice; to move forward, and to move quickly to the next level. Sometimes older equipment could be put to good use! Mediazone wants to sell some of its older equipment. Much of it is in very good condition, as it has been cared for on a regular maintained schedule. Please feel free to browse our inventory and if you are interested, we can definitely talk about it.

For more information please contact Mediazone Broadcast Engineer: +357 22841594 or through our contact page.

PediHeart Cyprus 2016

Mediazone in association with the Communications Office has been involved with the Pediheart organization for the second year in a row, creating public service announcements for Television and Radio broadcast. We are very pleased with the feedback and reaction from last year’s campaign, and are excited about the launch of this year’s.

February 14 is the Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Day, and the University of Nicosia is proud to support such a worthy cause. Continue reading

NutriCHEF Book launch! Get your copy for the sake of your health!

«ΔιατροΣΕΦ», ένα σημαντικό βιβλίο για την υγιεινή διατροφή, φτιαγμένο με πολλή αγάπη και μεράκι από τον έμπειρο Σεφ και Εκπαιδευτικό Γιώργο Κυπριανού, και την Κλινική Διαιτολόγο Νικολέττα Ντορζή.
Ένα νέο απαραίτητο βιβλίο που δίνει έμφαση στην υγιεινή και ισορροπημένη διατροφή.
Προσφέρει πρακτικές γνώσεις για τη φροντίδα και τη βελτίωση της υγείας μας, μέσω επιστημονικής έρευνας και μέσω δοκιμασμένων συνταγών, και απευθύνεται σε όλους και στον καθένα μας ξεχωριστά.
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