14th Annual Careers Exhibition Day‏

The 14th Annual Careers Exhibition Day took place on Thursday, 19th of March, in the Millenium Cafeteria of the University of Nicosia. As every year, its aim was to increase awareness on career and job opportunities for the University of Nicosia’s students and graduates, who had the chance to find out information relating to employment and internship opportunities by different company representatives  such as KPMG, Ernst & Young, PWC, Cablenet, Grant Thornton etc.

Julia Antoniou  – MZ Lab Assistant – Camera Operator & Editor

Class Project – Dub Caravan

COMM 216 Radio Production (section 02)

Class Project

On this clip students from Radio production COMM 216 interview Dub Caravan about his music, influences and future plans.

Felix Russ Abu  aka Dub Caravan is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer who creates a multi-dimensional musical landscape for listeners craving something fresh, original and out-of-this-world… He is a multi-instrumentalist music producer who has worked with a variety of people over the last five years, including Nambo Robinson, Haji Mike, Shaky Norman and Hornsman Coyote. In theory, the music of Dub Caravan is not associated with any particular style but it is heavily influenced by the dub and reggae music of the 70’s, world Beat, ambient, chill out,  jazz, punk rock and ethnic music particularly from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East.