The perfect slow motion movement: Twixtor

Have you ever wondered how they successfully achieve  that perfect slow motion movement in most movies? Well as I was searching on the Web to find the answer I ended up to an effect / plugin called ‘Twixtor’. Twixtor is a plug-in for After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Vegas, Avid, and many more non linear editors and compositors. When you usually try to adjust the speed duration of a clip in your composition you don’t get the same results as the 2 videos below. Continue reading

Erasmus Traineeships 2014 – Get involved!

The Erasmus Traineeship Program provides funding to students,  and recent graduates of the University of Nicosia to work for 2-12 months in an enterprise/organization in another European country. Traineeships can be recognized by the University and will contribute to your qualifications either in ECTS credits (usually recognition of internship course) or in the Diploma Supplement. In addition, graduates will be given a traineeship certificate for their participation. Students who kept themselves mobile throughout their studies have 25% more chances in being employed, in comparison with other non-mobile students.

An internship provides the student or graduate with practical work experience and a greater exposure to the global industry. Continue reading