Words can’t explain my overall experience at MediaZone. It has had its up and downs.  When first arriving to MediaZone I was happy, until I heard we will have very intensive training for one whole week. At that moment, I felt the pressure was on. I was a little intimidated because I didn’t know a lot of camera terminology. The only thought that was running through my mind was they are going to think American students are uneducated.  In reality MediaZone was my first practical course outside of group projects.

As time passed, I began to gain more confidence about learning and being comfortable with using a camera. Do I feel like I know everything there is about a camera? No, but I feel confident that I know enough that will help me to be ahead in my classes back in the United States. Continue reading

“What do you think about the Cyprus Film Days Festival…?”

The MA Students of the Department of Communications at the University of Nicosia report on the Opening Day of Cyprus Film Days IFF and share their ways of seeing the festival!!

7:30, Zena Palace Cinema, Nicosia. As I walked in the space outside the movie theatre, I felt like I stepped into another world. I had no idea that what I saw had always been there beyond those steps in central Nicosia. The light background music brought me back to the present and I started processing the space around me.

People in small groups talking and drinking beer, enjoying the unpretentious opening of Cyprus Film Days. The lighting was dim, and you could feel the atmosphere very friendly, engaging and full of positive energy. And then it hit me: I was there too! I was going to be a part of the event. Suddenly, the music got louder and everything came to life!

The band that performed at the opening had hand crafted music instruments from recycled materials. I thought “Very creative! They couldn’t have a better group performing on a festival that promotes the art of cinematography in Cyprus.” The female singer’s voice still echoes in my ears: angelic. Continue reading

The International Short film Festival of Cyprus – in University of Nicosia Cinestudio!

The Communications Department of the University of Nicosia celebrated film making in Cyprus on Wednesday the 2nd of April at 7:00 p.m, in Cine Studio in association with the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (ISFFC) and the Friends of Cinema Society.

This incredible collaboration brought to us the chance to screen all of the short films from Cyprus, originally screened at the festival in Limassol. This opportunity brought out almost 250 film goers, directors, producers and many others!

We hope this becomes a yearly event bringing everyone in touch with Cypriot cinema and our University! Continue reading