Mediazone gearing up for TEdxUNic!

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Mediazone is all about everything media!
We love the hands on approach!

Practical courses are an important part of the road that leads to experience in the
pursuit of knowledge. There are some things you can’t just talk about, you have to do!
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What is the bottom dollar in production??

Recent figures on pay structure for below the line film production salaries!
Most of us that work in the media and in film have aspirations, and even lofty goals; and so we should. Casey Kasem, an iconic radio personality, who recently died this summer, used to close with “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars”. Most of us do just that. We are the creative types, the bread and butter behind every production, the push and the pull, the muscle and the operators. It is usually pretty easy to forget these individuals as their name goes racing by in the multitude of names at the end credits of a film. In Cyprus, we need these people more than ever! Continue reading

One academic year at MediaZone University of Nicosia

My first training at Mediazone was on September, which lasted 5 hours for five days.  The job I had to do was to learn all about the equipment of Mediazone,the rules and regulations and how to serve customers (students) appropriately.  After the training finished, the schedule was ready with the days and hours we had to work, mine had 10 hours per week of work.
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Park in Progress

On the 5th of October, the EU Transciplinary Arts and Circus program «Park In Progress» took place in our city’s municipal gardens, locally organised by Artos Foundation.

Tomash Ghzegovsky performed in this festival, creating a dream-like ambience for his audience, moving us into the inner world of plants through sound, a very unique performance in my opinion. I wanted to know more about the technology behind his artistic experiment so I went ahead and asked him a couple of questions:
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