Creative Live

Didn’t you ever feel that at some point in your life you have some gaps in your education or you have this need to learn more things to improve your skills and you have difficulties in finding a reliable source??

Well the solution I have found is Creative Live. Creative Live is an online learning platform that broadcasts live classes 24 hours per day – 7 days a week.

Creative Live gives you the power you always needed to unleash your potential by bringing the world’s greatest experts directly to you. Their workshops are divided into 5 main categories, Photography – Video, Art and Design, Music – Audio, Craft and Maker, Money and Life.
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Junior Achievement Cyprus 2014 – Bi-Communal Innovation Camp

On Friday October 24th, Mediazone was there to cover the JAYE 2014 – Bi -Communal Innovation Camp

5 location, 3 cameras, 8 assistants and staff members, 6 volunteers, and a whole lot of fun!!!

Enjoy the behind the scenes, look at the students that participated and stay tuned for the official video coming soon!

Free Lighting Master Class for DV – Just watch below!


Soul Searcher was shot on mini-DV cameras in 2005

Video by: Neil Oseman

Original Blog Link: No Film School

In the video below you will be amazed on how lighting for Standard Definition (mini dv cameras) could be done so easily and creatively. In this 10 minute video, you can add dramatic lighting without breaking the bank, having complicated gear or being the most absolute seasoned cinematographer. Just add plenty of energy, DIY skills, creativity and mix in the painstaking time it takes to shoot any film, and you have success! Our students in the production classes that use dv cameras will definitely benefit. Watch the Master class below! Continue reading