Should we really buy ipad 3?

If you see the ipad3 and ipad2 together, at a glance, you cannot see or recognize the differences, but actually they have some.

I put the ipad3 and ipad2 together and I saw that the new one is actually thinner and lighter, actually in more detail (50g and thicker 0.6mm). The second item that got my attention was the screen which helps people that want to read a book or watch movies, and definitely better quality picture in gaming.The new ipad3 is faster, and also they say that there are some differences in some standard applications. Continue reading

4:3 is so yesterday…Shoot 16:9 with the Sony Pd-170 camera!

16:9 aspect ratio is how most of the world views media today. It has become so normal that when we see the “square” look of a 4:3 image we feel like there is something wrong. The Sony Pd-170 camera gives you the ability to have the 16:9 “look”. Just a few easy steps in the menu and you can frame & enjoy shooting that beautiful landscape look you always wanted. Unless of course you want to go for that retro look…

Follow the steps below:

Toggle Camera/ VTR switch to Camera mode

Press menu button. Go to “camera set” (3rd from top.) Toggle  16:9 wide->On/Off by pressing scroll button.

J.I – Mediazone Senior Officer

Olympic Games In London 2012

The summer of 2012 is approaching and the United Kingdom is getting ready to host the XXX (30th) Summer Olympic Games in London.

London was selected as the host city on the 6th of July of 2005 with 54 votes overcoming Paris (France) which collected 50 and since then preparations have been underway. The fact that London is hosting the 30th Olympiad is a great opportunity for the UK organizing committee and citizens to prove that they have the skills of organizing an event as big as the Olympic Games. Moreover it is a chance for them to show to the rest of the World their sense of hospitality. The opening ceremony will take place on the 27th of July while the closing ceremony on the 12th of August. Continue reading

Impartiality in the news

What is the criteria applied by journalists and editors in news organizations to determine whether or not to publish particular items of news? In commercial news the consensus of “Value” is used to determine whether an item is likely to interest a potential audience. However, there are some other  sources of value, including the judgment of intrinsic significance or the pull or pressure of influential interests other than those of the audience. Therefore, the Informative character of the television and press has been affected by contemporary social and economical changes.

Newspapers and broadcasting corporations have their own particular way to inform people. Based on their own policies and agendas – and sometimes regulated by economical and political interests- those are the sources of  media which produce news that audiences consume.

Hugo Olivos – Tv Studio Lab Assistant

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Which tablet should I choose? Part I of II

The biggest question for mankind, after “what is the meaning of life” is “which tablet should I choose”? Nowadays there are hundreds of different types of tablets out there and most of them are similar to each other in terms of hardware and software features. So which one should we choose? To answer this question, you have to ask some questions. Continue reading

Identity Crisis! – Nokia 808 PureView

Am I a camera or a phone? Well these days people are calling these mega phones with mega mega pixel cameras, “camera phones”. Just to get the statistics out of the way, this camera phone has an incredible 41 megapixel camera with auto focus, face detection, geo tagging, self timer, digital zoom, Carl Zeis lens, image oversampling, lossless zoom and a 1280 or 720 pixels HD video recording capability.

I don’t want to mention the phone side of things, although  it is quite impressive with great connectivity and a Nokia bred Symbian OS, (to each their own), but instead I want to “focus” on the incredible camera. Continue reading

Zebra Patterns on your camcorder controls

“Many of the semi pro and all of the pro camcorders use the zebra pattern to determine when parts of a scene is being understood as overexposed. It is used as an exposure guide. These are black & white diagonal lines which appear in the viewfinder area. This will usually appear on light sources, the sky or white objects. You will have to take measures to stop the excess light from overexposing your shot, (unless that is what you are going for). This could include reducing the light or adjusting the exposure settings of your camera. So go ahead and turn this function on, it helps!”

J.I – Senior MZ Officer