Traditional Media or Internet?

Recent political experiences have shown different ways of doing politics. The politicians and the campaigns that they have to run are being adapted according to the social context, cultural aspects of their audience and electoral preferences. Therefore, with the fragmentation and individualization of the audience, politicians are adapting their discourses to target voters in different ways. Nowadays, they recognize the importance of the heterogeneity and diversity of publics and their preferences. For example, some campaigns are still using traditional media to persuade voters that are not familiarized with the internet, or simply because this target public do not have access to the web or they do not like this way of communication.  In this case, the traditional media holds the radio spots, TV commercials and press media called Traditional Campaign. Continue reading

Set Date Time for Harris DTD‐A19B2 (Digital Clock)

The Harris DTD-A19B2 has an option of setting up the time without the presence of  a time code source.

The [Set Date Time] feature lets you manually set the time and date for the clock. This may be most useful for lab situations as the clock keeps time via its internal precision oscillator and real time clock when time code is not present. The time can either be set to the time of the Windows PC or a manual time and date can be entered.

If you try to setup the clock using the “Set Date Time” option please be aware of the following:

in Display Properties un-check Enabled dashes display.  This will prevent the clock from displaying dashes after losing time code.

If you don’t un-check the option above the clock will not get synchronize with the computer time.

E.S – MZ Engineer & IT

Mediazone Website New Feature! Book A Tour!

In our continuing effort to expose the University of Nicosia to the rest of the world we have placed a “Book a Tour” button on the website. This effort is closely tied into the Admissions Office of the University. A school, a group or any organization may simply fill in the details and come spend some time in Mediazone or get the full University tour. We will meet special requests and tailor the tours to your specific interests, (given advance notice.) We will offer presentations and demonstrations, and tours  that can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more!

Our goal is to have Mediazone continue to be a place of interest as the “media hub” of the University of Nicosia. We want everyone to get involved and see our facilities! Come in and tour the University of Nicosia to see what a great place it is, not just to study and learn from it, but to truly experience it!

Ethics in Journalism; are they important?

Many important social events are taking place in our everyday life. This era of multiculturalism and technological events is affecting the way of informing  people. With the manufacturing and commercialization of new gadgets such as mobile phones with video cameras, people have the capability to record videos and post them on different websites.

One of the debatable points concerning the use of these videos taken by civilians, is that they are not following any code of ethics for journalism. The amateur videos are being used by some TV stations as part of their news broadcasting content to keep people informed about some recent events such as the Arab Spring.

Newspapers and broadcasting corporations have their own particular way to inform people. Based on their own policies –and sometimes regulated by economical and political interest– these media produce news that their audiences consume. These ideas make me wonder: How ethical is the news that people are consuming? And also, how trustworthy is that news?

Hugo Olivos – Tv Studio Lab Assistant

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Projector – Phone

A Few days ago Samsung announced the creation of the new projector android mobile phone.

The name of it? Galaxy Beam!

The specifications of the new Samsung beam are 1GHz dual-core processor running Gingerbread Android OS, 4’’ WVGA display (800×480 pixels), 8GB built-in storage with microSD slot, 6GB RAM, 5MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera, 2000mAh battery and….

…the best thing on the Samsung beam is the 15 lumen projector. The projector is controlled via a button on the side of the device and when you press it the Samsung beam comes to life. Samsung beam projects approximately a 127 centimeters image. The projector can send an image almost 1.3 meters away and is planned to be used exclusively in dark areas.

Andreas Christoforou – Tv Studio & Avid Digital Lab Assistant

Avid! Now on your phone

Avid, one of the leading companies in the video and audio editing field has announced its new product. For the first time Avid brought out software that is competitive with Apple software’s on iDevices. Avid’s new Avid Studio for iPad is the main competitor of Apples iMovie for iDevices. Avid Studio App is very similar to Apples iMovie App, but it’s more advanced. IMovie app is shaved down, and it offers only basic editing, unlike Avid Studio App which is more complex and closer to its big brother Avid Media Composer (which we offer here in Mediazone) for Mac and PC. Avid doesn’t recommend using Avid Studio for iOS on the first version of iPad because it’s not powerful enough to work flawlessly with Avid Studio. Avid Studio for iOS is compatible with iPad running iOS 5.0 or later, and available in the App Store for $4.99.

Just imagine 10-20 years ago you needed huge machines to shoot good quality videos and edit them, and only big companies could afford to buy the equipment. When now all you need is a small mobile device, which allows you to shoot HD video, and edit it on the spot. You don’t have to have a big crew and a van full of equipment to achieve your goal.

David Kababian – Tv Studio & Avid Digital Lab Assistant