Behind the scenes of a Mediazone Lab Assistant…

Mediazone is responsible for helping students by providing them facilities and equipment, to accomplish all kinds of technical courses. Facilities are for radio/audio and for TV production practices. Mediazone is run mainly by students for the students of Communication studies. Every Fall Semester Mediazone hires new lab assistants.

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World Table Tennis Championships

Originating in 1926 in London World Table Tennis Championships take place on a yearly basis in different locations around the globe. What someone has to know about WTTC is that since 1957(that the games were held in Stockholm, Sweden) the championships are held as individual and team events alternately. That means in every odd year we have individual WTTC while in every even year we have the international team events.

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I think at the beginning when Facebook appeared on the internet space, everyone liked it because  you could find anyone that you “liked”, but I think it had some problems.

I had it for couple of months and I saw people were putting their pictures & writing their comments. After some months this website became bigger and bigger, then all of a sudden other company ads appeared on the website.

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Astra Conference & Mediazone – Now that’s news!

This past Saturday – March the 31st marked the end of the Astra Journalism Conference which began on Friday March the 30th.

Mediazone helped produce and organize the event along with the Computer Centre & the University, and provided audio / video technical support. Our Engineer It help install a live streaming event, hosted on our website. We provided video coverage for the entire 2 day event, and are in the process of creating a data file archive.

Mediazone lab assistants & volunteers pitched in to help on a rotating shift schedule making all of this possible.

Many thanks go to all those involved, whether you were standing behind the camera, setting up software, testing or making phone calls, the Mediazone team pulled through again!

John Ioannou – Senior Mediazone Officer

Traditional Media or Internet?

Recent political experiences have shown different ways of doing politics. The politicians and the campaigns that they have to run are being adapted according to the social context, cultural aspects of their audience and electoral preferences. Therefore, with the fragmentation and individualization of the audience, politicians are adapting their discourses to target voters in different ways. Nowadays, they recognize the importance of the heterogeneity and diversity of publics and their preferences. For example, some campaigns are still using traditional media to persuade voters that are not familiarized with the internet, or simply because this target public do not have access to the web or they do not like this way of communication.  In this case, the traditional media holds the radio spots, TV commercials and press media called Traditional Campaign. Continue reading