Laugh until you cry… Video Competition!!

Sometimes you have to laugh so hard that tears come running down your face. Its one of the nicer involuntary actions of the human condition.So why not make a 20 second video about it! Come on laugh a little!! (Thanks to Elisa for the heads up!)

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Lazy or innovative? You decide!

Although this won “The 50 Best Inventions of 2011” and their website is great as it provides real time demos I still had my doubts. Lytro is the name of the camera where you “shoot and ask where you want to focus..later”. Just compose the shot and click. Now what will be in focus, background, foreground – somewhere in the middle – that’s a decision you can make at a later date. Cutting edge software technology, both in the production and post production ends of this device allow all this to happen.

For many photographers, not just the purists, this may seem like blasphemy. Where is my creative control? Well its there, like any other “point and shoot camera”, but your choices for focus must come later. So in essence you can produce the same photo twice, with 2 different focal points. The choices are limited, see the website and the demo. I am just not sure how much time someone would dedicate after the fact. The point of taking a photograph is what you decide in that fleeting moment before you snap the picture. That timeless few seconds between decision and indecision. Afterwards upon review of the photo you may not be living in that moment any more. You could be far from it – totally removed – it becomes something else. To some that may not be all that bad.

The bottom line that the progress of technology in this case seems to constantly sum up the art form. Create a couple of less steps than a decade ago, to get to the same or similar results. This could be a time saver or a time killer. This could be the answer to all those who love taking pictures but may never get that focusing quite right.

Or it could be something in between.

J.I – Senior Mediazone Officer

Taking our first steps…Our Blog is 1 year old!

With the launch of the Mediazone student website last year, came our Blog. In many ways Mediazone has had the opportunity to affect our student population in positive ways. Everything from student equipment handbook updates & tutorials to exciting events.

Students from all of our departments, Multimedia, Design, Education as well as Communications have sought our “expert know how”. Instructors have also flocked to Mediazone for assistance and support in countless of different ways. Communications students taking practical courses got a chance to showcase their work in our Student Upload section, while student Lab Assistants are now writing monthly Blog entries. Even our Engineer has his own section. With our Blog we could not only inform and showcase to the public our work, but give thanks to our student Lab Assistants that put forth all the extra effort.

With new features added like video ratings and comments we encourage everyone to get involved and be heard. Let us know what you think. We can’t be happier – just one more way that Mediazone enriches the student experience here at the University of Nicosia.

John Ioannou – Senior Mediazone Officer

Behind the scenes of a Mediazone Lab Assistant…

Mediazone is responsible for helping students by providing them facilities and equipment, to accomplish all kinds of technical courses. Facilities are for radio/audio and for TV production practices. Mediazone is run mainly by students for the students of Communication studies. Every Fall Semester Mediazone hires new lab assistants.

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World Table Tennis Championships

Originating in 1926 in London World Table Tennis Championships take place on a yearly basis in different locations around the globe. What someone has to know about WTTC is that since 1957(that the games were held in Stockholm, Sweden) the championships are held as individual and team events alternately. That means in every odd year we have individual WTTC while in every even year we have the international team events.

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I think at the beginning when Facebook appeared on the internet space, everyone liked it because  you could find anyone that you “liked”, but I think it had some problems.

I had it for couple of months and I saw people were putting their pictures & writing their comments. After some months this website became bigger and bigger, then all of a sudden other company ads appeared on the website.

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Astra Conference & Mediazone – Now that’s news!

This past Saturday – March the 31st marked the end of the Astra Journalism Conference which began on Friday March the 30th.

Mediazone helped produce and organize the event along with the Computer Centre & the University, and provided audio / video technical support. Our Engineer It help install a live streaming event, hosted on our website. We provided video coverage for the entire 2 day event, and are in the process of creating a data file archive.

Mediazone lab assistants & volunteers pitched in to help on a rotating shift schedule making all of this possible.

Many thanks go to all those involved, whether you were standing behind the camera, setting up software, testing or making phone calls, the Mediazone team pulled through again!

John Ioannou – Senior Mediazone Officer