Erasmus Internship Experience

Since I was a kid, I remember myself loving to travel all around the world, meeting new cultures, places, countries. Last summer 2014 I decided to take part in a University program called “Erasmus Placement”. It’s a program in which you can work in any European country you like and get paid.
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Creative Live

Didn’t you ever feel that at some point in your life you have some gaps in your education or you have this need to learn more things to improve your skills and you have difficulties in finding a reliable source??

Well the solution I have found is Creative Live. Creative Live is an online learning platform that broadcasts live classes 24 hours per day – 7 days a week.

Creative Live gives you the power you always needed to unleash your potential by bringing the world’s greatest experts directly to you. Their workshops are divided into 5 main categories, Photography – Video, Art and Design, Music – Audio, Craft and Maker, Money and Life.
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Proper use of a computer

Recently I went to the hospital to make some general analyses due to some dizziness and weaknesses I had.  Before I went to the hospital, what came into my mind was that I most probably had problems with my iron and haemoglobin count since I had these kind of problems in previous years when I was younger.  When I did the analyses,   I had a conversation with my doctor, and he told me that there was no problem with the iron or haemoglobin so we tried to find out what exactly I had.

We finally reached the following conclusion, the problem was my seated position when I was using the computer – it was totally improper, so due to this fact I would like to give you some tips about the right positions when using computer. Continue reading