Apple new line up

After Steve Job’s passing, Apple went all the rage these days with new and more colourful products in its line that ‘revolutionizes’ the conservative image Apple used to have over the years. Maybe it has something to do with Jonathan Ives stepping up in  as the lead designer of Apple. As far as I can recall the last person being head of design in Apple products was Steve Jobs. I believe that this will change Apple’s image as we know it forever. Also I believe that we are going to see some more ‘aggressiveness’ in the time cycle of new products that come out. This will get them into the more competitive aspect of the market than just being independent as a company and being isolated by themselves and have them expand into more sectors and hopefully drag more people into the Apple ecosystem.

Fotis Erotokritou – Mediazone Tv & Avid Lab – Lab Assistant

Buying a TV? LED was just a stepping stone, here comes the real revolution, OLED!

If you are in the market for a tv, then you should do two things. Wait, and save up some money. Okay, a lot of money!

LED televsions are going to enjoy a shorter stay then expected, as we move over to the next real staple of television viewing technology. It is not just the next evolution – but a revolution! When you compare LED & OLED the choice is obvious. OLED is lighter, plastic not glass, thinner (paper thin!), flexible, brighter, more responsive, has better contrast, more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, consumes less power, and has a larger field of view. But they are also a lot more sensitive to humidity and water, and don’t last as long. OLED has been around for a number of years, but research and development has been meticulous, and products few and far between. Continue reading