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«ΔιατροΣΕΦ», ένα σημαντικό βιβλίο για την υγιεινή διατροφή, φτιαγμένο με πολλή αγάπη και μεράκι από τον έμπειρο Σεφ και Εκπαιδευτικό Γιώργο Κυπριανού, και την Κλινική Διαιτολόγο Νικολέττα Ντορζή.
Ένα νέο απαραίτητο βιβλίο που δίνει έμφαση στην υγιεινή και ισορροπημένη διατροφή.
Προσφέρει πρακτικές γνώσεις για τη φροντίδα και τη βελτίωση της υγείας μας, μέσω επιστημονικής έρευνας και μέσω δοκιμασμένων συνταγών, και απευθύνεται σε όλους και στον καθένα μας ξεχωριστά.
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They are here!! Cyprus Film Days!

Friday April 24/15
Video Blog

As the Film Festival winds down for 2015 our Mediazone Lab assistants, volunteers and students are more than happy to present the last installment of our video blog. The films presented moved us to tears, to joy and made us think about ourselves and the world we live in. This  is the culture, the glue that keeps our society together. We need these outlets, these venues these events more now than ever before. We thank Cyprus Film Days for inviting us onto this journey, and we thank all of those that attended and decided to travel with us.

Polymnia Tsinti – Mediazone Lab Asssistant – Camera operator & Editing

Agathi Klonari – Mediazone Lab Asssistant – Reporting
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Time to get famous! Power of the Band!!

Can you feel it? The Power of the Band! Can you feel the rush of performing live, of getting radio airplay, of getting your own music video? This is all possible this Spring with the most amazing contest to ever hit the airwaves in Cyprus! Are you a single power vocalist accompanied by an instrument or a five piece Rock band? You may be eligible.

Make your own band, create and submit your own song and participate in URadio’s challenge THE POWER OF THE BAND. The winning band will get to make their own professional music video worth up to €10.000 and promote their band. Keep reading for details!


Click on the image for Info and entries!

A3 afisia power band english