Mediazone Volunteer makes Graduation truly something special…

Isaac is a “Special community volunteer”. His mother approached us early on to have Isaac volunteer at Mediazone. After University consent Isaac joined the Mediazone team for the production of Graduation week. His contribution was invaluable. At the age of 15 he is on a tremendous learning curve that shows no sign of slowing down, much less going anywhere but up! It was our pleasure to have him as part of the team & encourage his efforts! Continue reading

Graduation Success!!!

The Graduation Ceremony 2012 was a great success. The planning started months ago and many people were involved to make the idea reality.

Behind every Graduation ceremony, there are the unsung heroes dressed in black that capture that one moment every graduate will go back to their DVD players and watch. They were the Mediazone crew, which included student Lab Assistants, student volunteers, special community volunteer, and freelancers. A small but dedicated team. There were two graduation ceremonies, one for the University of Nicosia and the second one for Intercollege, as well as the UNIC awards ceremony. We’d meet to break down the ceremonies as if they were missions and rehearse for both of them under the heat of the summer sun, so we’d be sure we were ready to stream live and record each graduate’s big emotional moments with their friends and family at the end, flawlessly no matter what.  This year this was accomplished for the first time in full HD! Continue reading