My Fall Semester 2012 – A success story!

The fall semester finally started a few weeks ago. You may wonder why this semester is so different than all the others and why I am writing about it.

Well for me the whole year is going to be different. Usually here at Unic you are allowed to have 5 courses per semester unless you are in your final year, then you can have 6, and according to everyone with that amount of work it is very hard, especially in the Law Department. Apart from that you need  quite a high GPA in order to be entitled to have an extra course. Continue reading

Camera Reservations – Officially online!

Mediazone has once again proven that offering online services for students has multiple benefits. It is convenient, fast, organized, efficient and the best way to limit your ecological footprint, both as an individual and an organization.

With a custom programming set-up to support specific parameters and policies the system was built from the ground up. It couldn’t be simpler! Each student has their own profile and can keep track of all their reservations in a glance. Email reminders are sent to students for every booking as a confirmation. Continue reading

Simple tips on how to steady your camera… without a Steadicam!

Nowadays the differences between amateur and professional camera work can seem a bit “blurry”, pardon the pun! As audiences members we seem to be more accepting of many of the errors that years ago would be considered totally amateur. Yet there is one factor, that of the “steady shot” that makes the difference between say –  “Marcos making a home movie of his kids” and something more specific watchable and professional. It is one of the golden rules of shooting for the big screen. Keep it steady, or else, everybody gets seasick! So this applies to any anyone – shooting video at any time! Whether you are moving or trying to be still…keep reading! Continue reading

A note from the Communications Department: Helping you to choose your courses

Dear Students,

Welcome back to the university and the department! We hope that you all had a relaxing summer and are ready for the new academic year of 2012!  In an attempt to ease one of the challenges you must be facing now, we would like to offer some help with choosing courses for your new semester schedule.  Below, you will see a variety of courses to which we would like to draw your attention to.  You will find production courses, both for video and audio communication, which are major requirements (foundational and advanced) courses for those of you who would like to pursue a career in production or to gain useful production techniques.  You will also find very useful courses in Public relations, such as Public Relations Methods and Corporate Communication, which will offer you all the necessary practical skills and media techniques needed to plan, propose and organize public relations and marketing events and programs.  If you wish to work as a public relations, marketing and advertising professional one day, don’t miss out these opportunities to make yourself a business communication expert! Continue reading