The new generation

It’s common that the older generation will often criticize the way that the new generation grows up. I believe this happens from the beginning of all humanity. But the question is, how big is the generation gap really between a 30-year old and a 10-year old in the early 20’s and how big is it now, almost a hundred years later?
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If you want to work as a journalist, tweet!!

Recently, we had a conversation in my class about journalism stress during “on air” Radio Broadcast, and because of the  discussion we had, I would like to share with you a small ‘tip’.

The lecturer said “When I have “on air” Radio Broadcast, I have my iPad switched on and logged in Twitter and Facebook.” We asked him why we need to check the updates on Facebook and Twitter. The answer we got, shocked us!
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Mediazone & the University of Nicosia encourage all of our students, staff and faculty to participate. With so many talented individuals under one roof, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Fetes des Lumieres – The Lyon Lights Festival

The celebration of  the Virgin Mary is held once a year in Lyon in a very magical and beautiful way. A celebration that begins on the 6th of December and lasts for four days takes the breath away of everyone who is lucky enough to witness it. The Lyon Lights Festival, otherwise known to the French as Fête des Lumières is the combination of continuous lighting and video effects, visual arts and creative audio features  that are displayed all around Lyon in a very spectacular and beautiful way. It’s as if the whole city turns into a canvas and all the buildings, historic and new, all the people, roads, bus stops, water fountains and so much more of what the city is made of becomes a continuously changing art work represented by lights. It’s almost like walking into a fairytale of lights, where giant figures of people move from one building to the other, where the unexpected can be expected. Continue reading

Light Sensor Examination and Comparison Study of the Human Retina and of a Professional Cinema Camera’s CMOS Sensor

In this study, the image resolution of the human eye and of a professional cinema camera have been examined and compared based on the surface area and density of the light receptors in both the human retina and in the CMOS digital imaging sensor. Based upon our comparisons, the conclusion that was drawn reveals that the image the human eye perceives has a higher resolution than that of current technology of state-of-the-art professional cinema cameras. Continue reading

The Distance Learning IT department Proudly Present the Unic Application!

Just like me, you  also may have seen posters around University advertising the new Unic Application. When I first saw it I thought it was a brilliant idea since most of us have learned and have gotten used to having everything we need on our phone. Our phones have become a part of our daily lives and we always have them on us. They are not only our phones but they have become our personal mail man, our entertainment at times of boredom, our computer, basically they’ve become a customized piece of technology  that suits each and everyone’s personal need.

“The Distance Learning IT Unit, in line with IT trends and student needs, has developed the first in-house mobile application for the University. The app, is now available on Windows Store, Google Play and App Store, its aim is to simplify everything you need to know about the University of Nicosia.” Taken from Gregoris Vishnumolakala article for Unic magazine.

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FameLab 2013 & the University of Nicosia

*Update Deadline extended! Deadline: 10 February 2013

Fill in the application form send it to European Office of Cyprus by email or by fax to 22895005.

The University of Nicosia is hosting the FameLab® preliminaries here in Cinestudio, and Mediazone will be capturing all of the action & recording it live as it happens! Stay tuned as we will post the preliminaries right here!

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RED Epic? What is that?!

If 2 cameras are not enough for your production, try shooting with 50. Recently, I was watching a behind the scenes video of the new Hollywood film,  “The Hobbit”. The thing that amazed me was the fact that in order for the film to be shot, 48 RED epic cameras were used. I started asking myself  “Why RED?”, “What is it that makes these cameras  better than the rest, and why choose them ?” . And that is why I want to share with you a brief review of the RED epic cameras and leave you to decide for yourself if it’s worth  the price of 24 000$ !!! Continue reading

Control everything in a Hotel by a smart mobile phone

hotelThis is where new-tech is going. It is amazing, because we might have never imagined 5 or 10 years ago that when we go to a hotel, instead of receiving a key card, we will receive a smart phone.

Now this is possible with new technology. The so called high-tech hotels are using this system to provide an advanced and perhaps more  secured services to their customers. I wondered how it worked, so I searched little about it. Continue reading